Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ryan the Artist

I have a lot to catch up on from the last couple of weeks, but first things first. Last Friday we all went to the county fair and Ryan was thrilled to hear that there was a kids' coloring contest going on. He just very recently learned that the point of coloring is to stay inside of the lines, so he was really excited. He was even more excited when we explained what a contest was. He kept saying, "I am going to do such a great job, and maybe I will even WIN, but we don't know who will win, so we don't know!" Here he is, coloring away at the county fair:

I was pretty surprised at how well he had stayed in the lines, and he was pretty proud of himself. Fast forward to last night when we finally looked through the mail. Lo and behold, there was a letter addressed to Ryan from the Anoka County Fair...


He was SO excited. He was bouncing off the walls and just exploding with pride and giddy-ness. Of course we had to make a few celebratory phone calls. Here's how a few of them went:

Ryan (in one breath) : KellyIwonfairplaceatthecountyfourandwonthirddollars! I mean, I won three at the fair...er...Mom..?..Oh, I won THIRD place at the coloring contest in the COUNTY FAIR! AND THEY GAVE ME FOUR DOLLARS! AND THEY SAID I WON!!!!!!
Kelly: WOW, Ryan, that is so awesome!
Ryan: Yeah, it is. So...did you win any contests this week?
Kelly: Uh, no...

Benjamin: What did you draw?
Ryan: I drew a picture of french fries and my mom loved it!

Grandpa Ernie: What did you do?
Ryan: I won third place at the coloring contest at the county fair!
Calvin: I saw chickens and a guy in the truck and I saw the dog show!

Ryan: You know Danica this was so cool.
Danica: What'd you draw that was so cool?
Ryan: French Fries.
Danica: French Fries?
Ryan: Yeah.



Christy said...

Yay Ryan! It was so cute how excited and proud he was on the phone. :)

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

That is hilarious! I love the excited Ryan pictures. We're so proud of you, Ryan!

Abbeyfan said...

The first of many awards, I'm sure.
Yay for Ryan!

Abbeyfan said...
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