Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sophie Lately

Sophie has been getting so big lately that it is shocking.

I mean, she is not actually getting big, because she is still a peanut, but she'd been doing big things. Like this for example:

She can also now roll from her back to her front occasionally. I'm pretty sure Calvin was like 6 months old before he did that. Ryan, however, was like 2 months, so Sophie's right in the middle, I guess! Anyways, here was the happy face she made when she had finally rolled over that time:

Also, Sophie giggles, which I LOVE. What does she giggle at, you may ask? Well, once in a great while I can get her to giggle by tickling her just right under her chin, but mostly she just giggles pretty much EVERY TIME she gets her clothes changed. Don't ask me why, but she loves it. Like this much:

Or maybe even more. Someday I'll get a video of it. It's ridiculously cute. Anyways, she is also now sitting up in her bumbo seat that Aunt Kelly gave her. Check out how happy she is to be up on the table for dinner:

Also, check out how hard Calvin is working on that pepper grinder. That's some classic Calvin action, right there. Anyways, Sophie was so so happy to be able to look around at all of us while we ate. It was really cute. I love the bumbo!

Sophie is also eating. Not drinking. Eating. I mean, she's drinking, too. But she's been seeming pretty fussy even after nursing for a long time the last couple of weeks, so the other day I decided to follow up with a taste of baby mixed vegetables. She ate them. All of them. The entire container. Crazy little baby! Here she is eating some avocado from Michael's finger the other day:

So, you see, even though she is teeny, she is getting so big! She is still my sweet little snuggle buddy, though. I love having her with me all day everywhere I go. I feel like a million bucks every time she smiles at me. It's like she's saying "HEY, IT'S MOM! SHE'S MY VERY VERY VERY BEST FRIEND!!!!!!!!" Love my girl.

Also lately we've been able to spend a lot of time with the cousins. I'm excited for these three little musketeers to get older and be great little buddies. Right now they're a fairly boring bunch...

Also lately Sophie has been spending a lot of quality time with her brothers. They love her so much that they get into fights just about every day over who gets to look at her or talk to her at any given moment. It'd be sweet if it weren't so obnoxious...But anyways, Sophie adores her big brothers. She loves to babble at them and give them great big smiles and most of all just stare at them and try to figure out what in the world is going on.

Here she is having a heart to heart with Calvin:

And smiling at her doting brothers:

And getting some nice pats on the tummy...

And playing with Ryan's face:

And one of my favorite pictures:

I just love my sweet kids.


Derek, Rachel and Cadence said...

She is so totally ridiculously cute! If I didn't have my own ridiculously cute daughter, I would say she was the more ridiculously cute baby girl ever!

And what a cute center piece for dinner! Who needs flowers!

I know what you mean about the very very best friend thing. I feel the same way every time I get Cadence after a nap. I open the door, she turns and sees me, smiles a HUGE smile, crawls as fast as she can over to the side of the crib, and pulls herself right up with a, "Hooray it's Mommy!" face.

Aren't girls great!

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

You sure do have great kids. I LOVE these pictures. Especially the extra happy Sophie, and her sitting on the table like a decoration. :) How fun!

Janelle Dobson said...

So so so cute! Love it. She looks just delicious on the table- you could eat her up...but don't. All your kids are so sweet- aren't kids fun?