Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ode to Ryan

Ryan is a fun boy. I took him to the dentist today for his 6 month check up, and the hygienist remembered 2 things about him from last time:

#1 He is a very polite and well-behaved boy.

#2 He loves garage doors.

The hygienist just kept saying things like "He's just so polite!" and "He's just so articulate!" and "You must really be doing something right!" over and over again. It's so nice to hear things like that about your kids, it really made my day. It also made my day that the hygienist remembered that Ryan loves garages. Right off the bat, she said "Oh, I remember YOU! You're the one who loves garage doors! Didn't you burn out the motor on your grandpa's garage?" He was very pleased that the conversation took this direction, of course. Anyways, he really was great for her and for the dentist. He LOVES going to the dentist. He loves everything about it. The chair that moves up and down, the spinning toothbrush, the fluoride, the light, the suction thing they stick in his mouth, you name it. He loves it.

And the hygienist pretty much hit the nail right on the head when she remembered those things about him, because it's a pretty good summation of my boy, Ryan. He is a good boy through and through. Sure, he's 4, and he does his share of naughty things, but deep down he wants nothing more than to please his mommy and daddy and to get to spend quality time with us. Oh, and to make people think he's funny. Ryan usually loves to do anything that we're doing, while we're doing it, whether it's working in the garden, making dinner, doing the dishes, playing with Sophie, using the bathroom, you name it. I've been trying harder lately to embrace this, because I know it won't last forever. He's a sweetheart, and tells me out of the blue at least 10 times a day, "Mommy, I love you!" He picks me flowers and when he saw me after I cut my hair he said "Oh, Mommy! Your haircut looks so beautiful!" He's a wonderful boy and a wonderful big brother. And, of course, Ryan still loves those garage doors. Every scrap of paper, every piece of cardboard, anything he finds that has a string attached to it, all become immediate garage doors. I love my Ryan! Here are some recent Ryan pictures:

Checking out Jane with a magnifying glass at Grandpa Moore's house:

Taking a walk with his daddy to fly a kite they made together:

Playing with Sophie in the blanket fort I made for him one day during Calvin's nap:

Being a goofball:

Hunting for "helicopter seeds" from our maple tree:

Showing off his big find. He planted this one in the dirt behind the swing and goes out to water it pretty much every day:

We love you Ryan! You are wonderful!


Elizabeth said...

Yay Ryan!

We love Ryan!

Amber said...

I love that first pic of Ryan. I can't believe that is the same little baby (well, he was a big baby, but little compared to now :) ) that you brought home to your teeny Wymount apartment! He really is so sweet. Hopefully he and Megan will get married when they are at BYU together. (lucky for Megan, lots of our friends had boys around her age, so that gives her some options)haha.
Have a good day. You should call a friend for some random dessert making and chatting :)

Kelly said...

i love that crazy boy.

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Ryan is wonderful. What a sweet boy he is. You are so lucky to have him! And I love your account of his trip to the dentist. Now Katie can't wait to go.