Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ode to Calvin

Calvin is a sweet, crazy, funny, emotional, cuddly two year old. He drives me crazy and makes my heart just melt all at the same time. Yesterday I was in the car with just Calvin and Sophie. Sophie was just falling asleep in her seat, and I hear Calvin singing this to her:

"Lullabye and goodnight, go to sleep little Sophie. 'Cuz I love you and I need you, but it's time to go to sleep!"

It worked. She fell right asleep. And I was sitting there grinning from ear to ear. I love Calvin. He can be so so sweet. Deep down, Calvin is a snuggly kid. Once you get past the temper tantrums. Even though my arms are usually full these days, I still love it when he wakes up from his nap and just wants to cuddle with me. A few months ago he woke up in the middle of a visit from a friend of mine, and he wandered out, lay down across my lap, and fell right back asleep. What a little darling.

Calvin tries so hard to be a good big brother to Sophie. If he sees a binky or a bottle anywhere, she hurries over to "see if Sophie wants it," which generally consists of shoving it into her mouth whether she wants it or not, but it's still sweet to see him try to take care of her. One of his favorite things to do is try to giver her underdogs in her baby swing (this is Calvin's favorite thing to do at the park--if you aren't familiar with "underdogs", it's when someone is pushing you in a swing and runs underneath you while holding your swing, making you go really high). Needless to say, we buckle her in all the time now. But I always see Calvin doing things like that--trying to do something for Sophie that he likes a lot. He is a very loving big brother.

He is also a very loving little brother. He loves Ryan and wants to do everything Ryan does. They are great little playmates most of the time, and Calvin loves it when he does something that Ryan thinks is funny. Whenever Calvin wakes up from a nap while Ryan is still sleeping, he'll just ask and ask and ask over and over again where Ryan is and if he can wake Ryan up. He loves his big brother!

Here are some fun Calvin pictures from the last few weeks:

Calvin pretty much never eats his dinner. In fact, he hates dinner. Except for last night, when the boys had pbj's for dinner. He was ecstatic about the pbj's. Anyways, I always feel too bad to actually let him go to sleep hungry, so here he is after I gave him a banana and told him he and to eat it in his crib.

Here's Calvin, giving Sophie a piggy back ride!

And Calvin and Katie with their giant Aunt Abbey:

Calvin still loves wearing our shoes any chance he gets:

And he loves swings. And I'm pretty sure this is his wierdest/most ridiculous face I've ever caught on camera:

Here he is on the swing in our backyard. When I took this picture he was yelling, "I'm flying like a BIRDIE!!!!!!!" and swinging back and forth on his tummy.

I found him like this a couple of weeks ago on my bedroom floor. I asked him what he was doing, and he said...

"Playing house! See, here's the mommy duck, and here's the baby duck!"

I love my sweet little/big two year old. He is crazy, and I'm pretty sure my temper tantrums matched his exactly when I was that age, so it's just my bad toddler karma coming back to bite me--it's not his fault. But even with all the tantrums, he is still such a sweet, tender little guy, and I can't imagine our family without him. We love you, Calvin!


AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Aww, what a sweetheart. I love the duckie one, though the weird face one is funny too. And the giant Abbey one. I have always really liked that Calvin guy.

Morgan said...

what a doll! he sounds like asher... crazy but such a sweet soul. asher loves all things baby... baby ducks, chicks, birds, penguins. and i mean LOVES! sayer is the one that doesn't eat though. we've had our fair share of times with him eating his dinner in his crib. :)

Bart said...

I just learned last night how important it is for kids to have younger kids to look after to develop empathy. Makes sense.

Calvin seems like an awesome little guy - thanks for sharing this glimpse.

Elizabeth said...

Aw Calvin is so tender!
I like the "flying like a birdie" one, I can't wait for Elliot to be able to communicate cute crazy things like that!