Friday, June 4, 2010

Fun in Ironwood!

Before I start, I wanted to give a special shout out to AnnaMarie for being my sole commenter on that last post. As for the rest of you...For shame, people! Sophie's first smiles? Nutty pictures of me and my sister? Gorgeous Abbey?

ANYWAYS, here are some more pictures of our fun times in Ironwood! We've been having a great time up here! It's been a team effort entertaining our kids while we've been trying to do the garage sale, so thanks to Abbey, Hikaru, Grandpa, Benjamin, Christy and Reeny--you guys have been such a big help!

At the party, Michael made this sign on the sidewalk that said "Hooray Abbey and Hikaru" and Calvin LOVED running all over it. Pretty soon there were cute chubby little chalk footprints all over.

And I LOVE this sequence of Calvin and Abbey.

Here's Sophie giving lots of smiles to her Great Aunt Reeny:

And I also love these ones of our crazy kids on the love sack. They really are such good buddies.

And some fun ones of Grandpa playing "toss the grandkids". They begged and begged and begged him to throw them and every time they would yell "higher!" Ryan finally joined in and got tossed once and then Grandpa decided it was time for a break :) Those kids sure love their grandpa!

And lastly, AnnaMarie and I got free haircuts from Dad's awesome neighbor, Gail, who works at a salon here in town. She is the best! I like how it turned out.


Elizabeth said...

CUTE! I love it!

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Cute hair cut! Dad is very strong to throw Ryan like that! And I love that sequence of Abbey & Calvin. Abbey looks so cute in her dress & hair...and Calvin looks cute, too.