Tuesday, May 25, 2010

YMCA!!!!! And a belated Mother's Day post!

So, I finally fulfilled a dream of mine ever since I had Ryan--joining a gym with a child care facility! Oh, I am so excited. I went yesterday and today and it feels so good! The kids love going to the kid's club so I don't even feel guilty. And the gym membership timing is pretty much perfect because I started a weight loss challenge with a friend of mine, Stacey, and a couple of her friends. The first one to lose 10 lbs wins! We're all chipping in a little money to buy a gift certificate for the winner to buy something fun that they normally wouldn't buy.

Anyways, I am highly motivated and very excited about trying to eat more healthy foods. I had a whole grain cereal with strawberries for breakfast (this is a victory because I ONLY had one bowl when I really wanted to eat like 4), a delicious and healthy salad for lunch, courtesy of AnnaMarie (who also played the good samaritan today by talking me out of eating a cupcake--THANKS!), and turkey burger wraps with homemade whole wheat tortillas, avocados and fresh salsa (the turkey burger part tastes better than it sounds, by the way). Anyways, it was a great day! I also snacked throughout the day, of course, but I kept it healthy, aside from the handful of starbursts I had after a horrible hour and a half shopping trip with 3 crabby kids (I HOPE YOU APPRECIATE YOUR GRADUATION PRESENT, ABBEY!!). Anyways, I find it helpful to have a little competition to get me going, so I'm excited. And of course I'm not overdoing it (or rather underdoing it) in the calorie consumption department since I'm nursing Sophie, but at least I'm making healthier choices than I was before, so win or lose, I'm still excited. So, wish me luck!

Now, on to the belated Mother's Day post.

So, I had a wonderful Mother's day, complete with a strawberry and whipped cream pancake breakfast, fresh lilacs on the table, a full night of sleep, and snuggles from my little munchkins. It was a great day, and I really felt loved. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful little family. I love you guys!

My Mother's day present, all wrapped up, complete with a doodle by Michael:

Opening up my shiny new iPod:

Happy boys:

Me and my little sweethearts:

I really do love being a mom.


AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Oh my goodness, Caroline! I LOVE these pics. You all look great. The happy boys one is just perfect, and the one of you and Sophie makes me want to cry, it's so adorable. And good luck at the gym! I ran again tonight, so you're motivating me! I bet if you post every day what you ate, you'll be better at what you eat. Or you'll lie. But then you'd probably lose your readers...

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Not saying YOU'D lie, but I probably would leave out things like handfuls of chocolate chips or spoonfuls of frosting.

Abbeyfan said...

Handfuls of chocolate chip cookies?

Abbeyfan said...

You better bring your own food to Abbey's graduation party:

Meat ravioli in red sauce
Cheese ravioli in butter sauce
Fried chicken
Sherbet punch


Caroline said...

MMMMmmmmMMMMmmm...butter sauce......

Kelly said...

Your kids are so cute! And hooray for child care at the gym :)