Thursday, May 6, 2010

The results!

Well, the results are in. Since Michael switched the pics half-way through the day, I'll just make it easy and say if you voted that this baby was Sophie:

and this baby was Ryan:

then you were right!

This last couple of weeks have been crazy. Sophie took her first trip up to Ironwood and slept really well in the car. We had a great time visiting Grandpa and the gang! Then of course just when we were getting back into the swing of things Ryan got an ear infection, Sophie got a cold and Calvin got hand foot and mouth. GREAT! I felt the worst for Ryan, though, because he had fluid built up behind his eardrum making everything sound muffled and far away, which we of course didn't know. So for like a full week before I took him in we kept putting him in time out for not listening :( I was getting soooooo frustrated with him, so I was pleased as punch to find out that it was an ear infection and not a horrible new stage of not ever listening. Poor Ryan! but he's thankfully all better now!

So, today my sweet little Sophie is one month old. Time really does fly. She's growing out of clothes and growing into her chins and everything! And she did her second 7 hour block of sleep last night, so I'm loving her even more! Of course I would also love her just as much even if she never did longer than 3 hour blocks until she was 1 (as evidenced by Calvin), but I feel SO much better after a nice night of sleep! And I personally think she gave me her first couple of real smiles yesterday. She is a very sweet baby and has a real set of lungs on her when she gets mad. Seriously, people get confused when she starts screaming because they are pretty sure that sound couldn't come from this sweet little baby. She gets mad about diaper changes and she loves baths and snuggles. Ryan adores her and Calvin is always trying to help feed or change her or play with her. We love our little peanut!

Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks!

Here's Calvin trying to entertain his baby sister:

Ryan and Michael helping Sophie learn to talk:

Sophie pouncing Ryan:

This is typical when I try to get a picture of all three kids. Ryan cuddles his baby sister lovingly, and Calvin freaks out and squirms and kicks at me--this is his foot in the picture. Best I could do :)

Sophie being cute:

Michael thought she would fit nicely in my purse:

Calvin with puffballs:

Talking with Daddy:

Hanging out on the sweet quilt that the MiaMaids in our ward made for her--so sweet of them!

Hungry hungry hungry all the time!

Sweet baby girl:

This is how Calvin spends a good amount of his time. In tantrums on the floor :)

Is it mean that I took pics of this? Here's the aerial view:


AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Those are some of the best pictures I've ever seen, Caroline! I just love Calvin. He makes me laugh. Also, I love Sophie & Ryan. We can't wait to see you next week!

Tammy said...

Awesome pictures of your kids! Sophie is beautiful !! Thanks!