Sunday, May 9, 2010

Father and Son's Camping Trip!!!

Hello Everyone!

We did it! We survived the Father & Son's camping trip this year!

It was rainy and cold and  the campground wasn't the best one for kids, but we still had fun!

The site ended up being about 1/4 mile from the parking lot. We set up our tent right away, then I left the boys playing in the tent, ran back to the car and got our food.

We had been told not to bring wood -- I think because of fear of emerald ash borer. Anyways, I brought a little alcohol stove we made at scouts one week.

It actually worked really well because the boys could sit at the picnic table and there wasn't really any smoke. Also, the hotdog sticks could be short and the boys could control them pretty well. Ryan ate 3 hotdogs, Calvin ate 2. I only got one because I had to keep cooking for the boys.

After dinner we wandered over the pavilion where everyone was gathered and tried to sit around the fire. Calvin was getting cold by this time and wouldn't keep his mittens on. He wanted to be close to the warm fire, but every time he got near, the smoke would get in his eyes, and he would start crying. Soooo we tried to do hot cocoa, which he claimed he wanted, but it didn't help.

After about 20 minutes we headed for the tent. We played around for a little while and warmed up a bit. The boys mostly wanted to romp on the sleeping bag and play with flashlights.

By the time they were tired of being in the tent someone had started a fire at our campsite, so we went out and roasted marshmallows and hotdogs. Ryan and Calvin each had one more, and I finally got to eat a couple. Ryan kept bossing people around telling everyone to hold their marshmallows in the holes. COALS RYAN, IT'S COALS. KKKKKKKK-OLES. A couple of reminders like that and he finally caught on.

I wiped the marshmallows off the boys as best I could, had them brush their teeth with just water (I forgot the toothpaste) and we went back to the tent.

This time we played Fishing and some card game Ryan had.
Here they are, having fun.

At about this time (9:00 ish), Calvin said "I wanna go to bed.". So we did. We sang a couple of songs, and he was out cold.

Not literally cold of course. He was wearing two pairs of footie jammies. Ryan was also wearing two pairs of jammies. It's a good thing too, it rained a lot, hailed and sleet fell too, and it was REALLY cold in the morning.

The boys slept really well. It was roasty toasty inside the sleeping bag and tent. Then they wanted to go out. Once we opened the tent, it was misery. It got cold in the tent, and it was cold and wet outside. Calvin started crying and Ryan was whiny.

Even though it was only 6:30, I started packing things up. Calvin kept crying so I stuck him in the car with the heater on while I packed and loaded things. He didn't think being stuck in the car was much fun until I stuck Ryan in there too. The two of them played and were warm and happy for about 30 minutes while I rolled up the wet tent and tarp, and carted all our games and clothes to the car.

With Ryan and my socks and boots being wet and with Calvin not wanting to be held OR set down, we were on the road by 7:30.

We were planning on going home and making pancakes, but then I saw an IHOP. I said "Ryan, do you want to go to a restaurant for breakfast?". Ryan had never heard of or seen an IHOP before. He said, "Well, do you think they maybe have pancakes?". "Um, yes. I'm quite sure they do."
"Hmm, which syrup?"

"How about both!"

Ryan loved that there were 5 kinds of syrup to choose from.

Calvin loved being a contrarian. I asked if he wanted juice or milk. He said milk. When the juice got there, he cried for I traded with him. Then I asked if he wanted waffles or pancakes. He said waffles. When the food got there, he cried for I traded with him. Ryan and Calvin each ate 3 pancakes.

So, overall we had a good time. Lots of smiles and laughing despite the weather and the two year old. And maybe next time, it will be sunny and warm.


Abbeyfan said...

Wow! You're a great dad!

And, good job on the tub pipe! Your grandpa would be proud of you!

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Good job, Michael. Sounds like a great time, except for the cold. We'll camp with you later this summer when it's nice and warm. :)

Kelly said...

It sounds like fun! I can only imagine Ryan at IHOP - probably better than Christmas!

Tammy said...

What a patient parent you are! And you even took pictures, too! Five stars in my book!!