Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day at the park with Katie and Jane

I have some great pics from a day last week when we went to a park with Katie and Jane. But first, an update. Things have been going pretty well here these last few days. The YMCA has been GREAT! Usually I just do my own workout thing, but today I did a piyo (pilates and yoga mixed) class and a cycling class and they were both a lot of fun! Although I do pretty much feel like I'm terrible at everything so I always hide in the back of the classes...Anyways, I've been buying lots of strawberries and keeping things pretty healthy around here. Lots of salads and the like. This morning for breakfast I had a yummy egg white omelet with a dash of cheese and lots of tomatoes and green onions, and it was really yummy! Just that omelet and a slice of wheat bread and I wasn't even hungry at all until about noon. It's funny how I have this mindset when I'm pregnant or nursing that I shouldn't let myself feel hungry. I'd just eat every so often to ensure that I didn't go anywhere near hungry. So I was amused the other day when I finally felt truly hungry for the first time in almost a year. I think that's the way it's supposed to work, pregnant, nursing or not, right? You are supposed to wait until you feel hungry and THEN eat. Novel idea.

So, now that we have the update out of the way, here are those great pics from the park!

I just love this picture of my boys on the way to the playground. They really are great little buddies.

Here's Calvin, just laying down for a little rest at the playground...

I thought this one was pretty cute.

Katie and Calvin, running off through the dandelions:

Calvin giving Katie a hug :)

AnnaMarie takes a lady from her ward, Carol, for an outing every Tuesday. Carol loves the kids, and boy did they have fun playing hide and seek with her!

I love Jane's big, beautiful eyes. And her runny nose...

Katie and Calvin eating their lunch:

Some pictures of cute little Katie:

And cute little Janey.

LOVE this one:

I thought this picture captured a classic Katie moment--just wandering off by herself to do whatever she thought sounded like a good idea at the time. This time it was just sitting all by herself at a random picnic table. When she felt like she'd been there long enough, she trotted on back over to us. Funny girl!

We sure are glad that AnnaMarie, Tyler, Katie and Jane all live so close. Love you guys!

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AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Aww, thanks for having your camera along! I LOVE that one of Katie at the table, and your description of it. And I love the one of playing peek-a-boo with Carol. So fun.