Saturday, May 8, 2010

Calvin is 2!

So, this post is a couple of weeks late, but my sweet little baby boy turned 2 on April 22nd! I can't believe how fast he has grown, especially since Sophie was born. It seems like all of a sudden he is a giant! Here are some things about our crazy, wonderful 2-year-old:

-Calvin is definitely high energy and does everything 100%, whether it's playing, talking, or throwing a tantrum, he just doesn't know how to do something half-way. Let's hope we can channel this for good!

-Calvin loves ice cubes. I don't know why.

-Calvin has super senses. He is the most observant child I know. Now, you might be thinking 'Sure, in comparison to Ryan (Mr. Unobservant himself...)' but Calvin can hear an airplane, see a birdie, notice a dandelion from miles away, even when no one else notices.

-Calvin loves being in the tub by himself. He has fun with Ryan, too, but REALLY loves it when Ryan gets out and he has the tub all to himself. He will stay in there as long as we let him, even after the water drains out. He lays on his tummy and plays with his toys and is completely content.

-Calvin loves balls. He has a good arm, and can throw and catch better than Ryan can.

-Calvin is a picky eater. He actually eats most things, he just decides to be picky about different things on different days. But he will ALWAYS eat pancakes, no matter what.

-Calvin loves bugs. He loves to see them, chase them, poke them, smush them, hold them, anything.

-Calvin loves to sing Frank Sinatra's 'You Make Me Feel So Young' at the top of his lungs and requests it almost every night for his bedtime song, at which point he sings a duet with me.

-Calvin thinks he is an adult and that he should be able to do anything any of us can do.

-Calvin has quite a temper and is never shy about letting you know when he's upset.

-Calvin loves getting and giving hugs and kisses, and lately has been really cuddly.

-Calvin loves his big brother and baby sister so much. He and Ryan are best buddies and Calvin idolizes him. And Calvin loves to talk to Sophie, pat her on the head, feed her, and give her hugs and kisses.

We love you Calvin! Happy (late) Birthday!

Here are some pictures of Calvin's birthday festivities. Last year we had my graduation party on his birthday and he didn't really get a party, so this year we had two! One here at home with Katie and Jane and AnnaMarie, and one up in Ironwood during our visit. He had so much fun blowing out candles and having everyone sing to him and opening presents. He loved being the center of attention for the day. Thanks everybody for helping celebrate!

I made pancakes for his breakfast that spelled out Calvin...sort of...anyways, he loved them! He's a boy after his momma's heart--berries and whipped cream with his pancakes:

With his baseball cupcakes:

Blowing out the candle:

Really happy about eating those cupcakes:

AnnaMarie and Tyler and the girls gave Calvin some flip flops for his birthday, which he LOVES:

So cute on those chubby little feet!

Opening toys from Grandma and Grandpa Walton:

Ironwood party, complete with a basketball cake!

Another view of the cake:

Everybody singing to Calvin:

Blowing out more candles!

Loving his cake:

Everybody else helping him eat it:

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