Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day at the park with Katie and Jane

I have some great pics from a day last week when we went to a park with Katie and Jane. But first, an update. Things have been going pretty well here these last few days. The YMCA has been GREAT! Usually I just do my own workout thing, but today I did a piyo (pilates and yoga mixed) class and a cycling class and they were both a lot of fun! Although I do pretty much feel like I'm terrible at everything so I always hide in the back of the classes...Anyways, I've been buying lots of strawberries and keeping things pretty healthy around here. Lots of salads and the like. This morning for breakfast I had a yummy egg white omelet with a dash of cheese and lots of tomatoes and green onions, and it was really yummy! Just that omelet and a slice of wheat bread and I wasn't even hungry at all until about noon. It's funny how I have this mindset when I'm pregnant or nursing that I shouldn't let myself feel hungry. I'd just eat every so often to ensure that I didn't go anywhere near hungry. So I was amused the other day when I finally felt truly hungry for the first time in almost a year. I think that's the way it's supposed to work, pregnant, nursing or not, right? You are supposed to wait until you feel hungry and THEN eat. Novel idea.

So, now that we have the update out of the way, here are those great pics from the park!

I just love this picture of my boys on the way to the playground. They really are great little buddies.

Here's Calvin, just laying down for a little rest at the playground...

I thought this one was pretty cute.

Katie and Calvin, running off through the dandelions:

Calvin giving Katie a hug :)

AnnaMarie takes a lady from her ward, Carol, for an outing every Tuesday. Carol loves the kids, and boy did they have fun playing hide and seek with her!

I love Jane's big, beautiful eyes. And her runny nose...

Katie and Calvin eating their lunch:

Some pictures of cute little Katie:

And cute little Janey.

LOVE this one:

I thought this picture captured a classic Katie moment--just wandering off by herself to do whatever she thought sounded like a good idea at the time. This time it was just sitting all by herself at a random picnic table. When she felt like she'd been there long enough, she trotted on back over to us. Funny girl!

We sure are glad that AnnaMarie, Tyler, Katie and Jane all live so close. Love you guys!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

YMCA!!!!! And a belated Mother's Day post!

So, I finally fulfilled a dream of mine ever since I had Ryan--joining a gym with a child care facility! Oh, I am so excited. I went yesterday and today and it feels so good! The kids love going to the kid's club so I don't even feel guilty. And the gym membership timing is pretty much perfect because I started a weight loss challenge with a friend of mine, Stacey, and a couple of her friends. The first one to lose 10 lbs wins! We're all chipping in a little money to buy a gift certificate for the winner to buy something fun that they normally wouldn't buy.

Anyways, I am highly motivated and very excited about trying to eat more healthy foods. I had a whole grain cereal with strawberries for breakfast (this is a victory because I ONLY had one bowl when I really wanted to eat like 4), a delicious and healthy salad for lunch, courtesy of AnnaMarie (who also played the good samaritan today by talking me out of eating a cupcake--THANKS!), and turkey burger wraps with homemade whole wheat tortillas, avocados and fresh salsa (the turkey burger part tastes better than it sounds, by the way). Anyways, it was a great day! I also snacked throughout the day, of course, but I kept it healthy, aside from the handful of starbursts I had after a horrible hour and a half shopping trip with 3 crabby kids (I HOPE YOU APPRECIATE YOUR GRADUATION PRESENT, ABBEY!!). Anyways, I find it helpful to have a little competition to get me going, so I'm excited. And of course I'm not overdoing it (or rather underdoing it) in the calorie consumption department since I'm nursing Sophie, but at least I'm making healthier choices than I was before, so win or lose, I'm still excited. So, wish me luck!

Now, on to the belated Mother's Day post.

So, I had a wonderful Mother's day, complete with a strawberry and whipped cream pancake breakfast, fresh lilacs on the table, a full night of sleep, and snuggles from my little munchkins. It was a great day, and I really felt loved. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful little family. I love you guys!

My Mother's day present, all wrapped up, complete with a doodle by Michael:

Opening up my shiny new iPod:

Happy boys:

Me and my little sweethearts:

I really do love being a mom.


Click to see it bigger. 
Moore Lake. May 20, 2010.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Train Station!

So, ever since our walk to the train station in the rain the other day, Calvin has been begging to go to the train station pretty much every 5 minutes. So it didn't take long for us to give Liz and Erik and Elliot their first tour of the Fridley station :)

Calvin and Erik on the way there:

Super excited about the TRAIN STATION!

Calvin showing Erik the ropes:

Calvin pretty much has this expression on his face the whole time:

On the platform:

Graciously letting Liz push the button on the way back up--you lucky girl!

My favorite. This picture just really embodies Calvin's absolute love of the train station:

Friday, May 21, 2010

LIZ AND ERIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ugh. We had the best weekend EVER. Want to know why? Liz and Erik and Elliot came to visit! They are our very best friends, and we have missed them like CRAZY since we moved away from Provo. So when they decided to fly out to visit us from where they live now in Missouri, of course we were overjoyed. We had such a great time hanging out, playing with the kids, enjoying Liz's mad cooking skills, and plotting Elliot and Sophie's distant but imminent nuptials. Elliot is such a sweetheart. He is smiley smiley smiley all the time, has this awesome dance (think some kind of slow, chubby sideways baby shimmy) that he always does, and has his own trademark wave that he does to anyone and everyone. He just raises his arm up in the air with his palm out in a very manly way like he's just very nonchalantly saying "Hey, dude." We love Elliot. We are definitely in the Elliot fan club. Possibly the co-presidents. Anyways, Liz and Erik were a huge help, entertaining the kids, holding Sophie so we could actually get things done, cooking food for us, cleaning up, you name it! We were definitely sad to see them go. Calvin is in denial about it, actually, and keeps asking where Elliot is napping and when he will wake up. He wanders past the office, where Liz and Erik and Elliot stayed, and asks "Where the guys??" Anyways, thanks for coming you guys! We miss you! You are the best and we can't wait to start our new lives together on the compound (the hobby farm we will someday build together somewhere rural yet urban with two awesome huge houses where Michael and Erik can implement their crazy ideas form Hobby Farms magazine to their hearts' content and Liz and I can make yummy food all day long). Here are some fun pictures from our 4 days of Anderson/Moore bliss:

Reunited at last!

Boys at the park:

Ryan feeding Jane a brownie at the park--Jane is so funny about clobbering people with food now. Smart girl!

Ryan and Calvin cheering Elliot on as he makes his way through the tunnel:

Elliot testing out his bongo skills:

Gettin' ready for the compound:

Liz and Sophie, cuddling by the fire:

Me giving Sophie a little smooch:

Ryan has always had a little boy crush on Liz, so when he asked for special Ryan and Liz time, Liz obliged. This was their "Ryan and Liz date":

Michael reading books with the kiddos:

Some pictures of Liz and Elliot:

LOVE this one. Liz is such a great mommy to lucky little Elliot:

Pictures of Elliot in all his Glory:

My favorite picture. LOVE the one tooth:


Miss you guys!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Calvin's Tomorrow

Calvin's new big thing is "tomorrow". Like "We going to Church tomorrow?". Or "We go on walk to train station tomorrow?". That's what he said last night. And I said "sure, we can go to the train station tomorrow!".

As soon as I got home from work today he greeted me at the door with "We go on walk to train station tomorrow?". "Nope, we'll go today after dinner!", I replied. And he got REALLY excited.