Monday, April 12, 2010

Positively Pleasant

Well, things have been going well here at home! My dad has been staying with us since last Monday, and he flew back to Utah today. He has been such a huge help! He's been doing everything from making sure the dishes are always done to taking the boys on walks and fun outings (like Saturday when he took them to check out a column of smoke that ended up being a house on fire--Ryan got to see the firefighters in action and it is pretty much all he talks about now) to making us meals, to buying groceries and chauffeuring us around, to snuggling Sophie whenever she grumps about being put down (aka ALL THE TIME), he has been amazing! Thank you, Dad, for everything! We will miss you! The only thing that makes it a little better is that my Mom is coming tomorrow! The boys are SO excited to see Grandma, and so are we!

Today was a crazy day. I had a splitting headache, we were sad to see Grandpa go, the boys were CRAZY, with a little bit of sweet mixed in, but definitely mostly crazy, and let's just say family home evening was a bust (ever feel like despite your best efforts, or in this case, Michael's best efforts, your kids really get absolutely nothing out of it and it just makes you want to put them to bed even earlier??) But despite all the craziness, I actually felt like I had a great evening.

Michael ended up making bows and arrows out of sticks with the boys this afternoon, and they loved it so much! They had a great time, and it is so funny to see Ryan try to use it by himself. They just love doing things like that with their Daddy, and Michael is SO good at coming up with fun and interesting things to do with them. We also had a nice relaxed dinner, and got the boys tucked into bed by 7:30, so I got some real quality snuggle time on the couch with Sophie. She is such a sweet baby. She had been sleeping seriously all day, and so (after pigging out for about an hour) she finally had some awake time with me. I love her big blue eyes and the way she just stares up at me like she's just trying to figure everything out. It was so nice to just spend some nice quiet time with her. Then she was ready to go back to sleep, so I tucked her in and headed out to the store just by myself, which was pretty amazing! I got Sophie a cute little preemie outfit (the girl is tiny and drowns in almost everything she wears!), a little pair of shoes, some headband-making supplies, and some cute clips to put on the headbands. It was fun to just have a good, relaxing trip to browse and look at cute baby things.

Anyways, so the crazy day ended up being positively pleasant! And I'm very excited to go pick my mom up from the airport tomorrow! In the meantime, here are some (...32...) pictures from the last week. Sorry there are so many, I just can't choose!

About to bring Sophie home from the hospital:

Here she is snuggled up in her carseat, ready to come home!

The boys were waiting to give Sophie a warm welcome when we got home. Calvin even poked her in the eye. But then he kissed her.

Discovering life as a father of 3--have more kids than hands? Use your legs!

The kids, attacking Grandpa at the airport! They were so excited!

Grandpa getting double snuggles:

The boys playing their harmonicas from Grandpa Balcom:

Calvin helping Michael build the fence to the garden. He tried SO hard to snip that wire, but to no avail...

Grandpa spent a lot of his time snuggling Sophie just like this. It was so sweet!

Sophie, covering her eyes while she catches some zzz's:

I love this one of her snuggling Michael:

Wide awake:

She fell asleep mid-yell today in the carseat. I couldn't help but take a picture:

On Sunday afternoon, Ken, Kelly and the kids came over for dinner and a visit.
Lily is getting soooo big!

Here she is hanging out with Grandpa:

Evie getting her Grandpa kisses:

And snuggles:

Evie, laughing at Grandpa:

Look at that beautiful baby! Lily is such a sweetie!

I like this one. Sophie sleeps all day. Kelly and Lily are laughing up a storm in the background.

Kelly getting her Sophie snuggles:

Lily being cute and chubby:

Lily would just laugh and laugh at my dad like this. She loves him so much!

Ryan and Evie sharing a sweet hug. They are such good buddies!

Michael and Evie having fun with Sophie:

Michael's Dad and siblings came down to visit on Saturday night and they all got to meet Sophie! It was so fun to see everybody, even though it was a short trip. Thanks for coming, guys! We love you! Here's Benjamin with little Sophie:

And Sophie with her Auntie Christy:

AnnaMarie and Dad with Sophie:

Katie and Ryan introducing Sophie to Grandpa:

Abbey, Marianne, Jane and Sophie:

Sophie all dolled up for church on Sunday:

Hanging out with Grandpa:


Caroline said...

Ryan's archery problems stem from the fact that he's never seen anyone shoot a bow and arrow before. I think we're going to have to watch the cartoon Robin Hood and teach him.

Caroline said...

Oh no! I'm a MICHAEL trapped in a CAROLINE's Gmail account!

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Cute, cute. Michael has great ideas for activities! Was the FHE lesson about Nephi's broken bow? I love all the pics of your little girl. I love all the headbands & flowers & bows!

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Cute, cute. Michael has great ideas for activities! Was the FHE lesson about Nephi's broken bow? I love all the pics of your little girl. I love all the headbands & flowers & bows!

Caity said...

She is just perfect! It sounds like you are one busy, perfectly happy family!