Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fun times at the hospital!

Well, everything is going well here at the hospital and we are enjoying having our little Sophie here. It's been so fun to watch the boys meet and interact with her. They are both very sweet with her, although Ryan has a longer attention span than Calvin does, so he is sweet for longer periods of time :) They both love to hold her and Ryan loves to talk about her cute little feet and her teeny tiny hands and Calvin loves to say "Sophie loves me!"

Sophie also got visits from Grandpa Walton, who is watching the boys for us, Aunt Kelly and cousin Evelyn, Aunt AnnaMarie, Uncle Ty;er, and cousins Katie and Jane. Evelyn shared some princess stickers with her and loved to kiss and hold her, Katie loved to look at Sophie's little hands and feet and loves to hold her, and Jane looked like she wanted to eat her :) It's been a lot of fun having everyone come to meet her, so thanks for coming, everybody!

The hospital has been great so far. Except I forgot how annoying it is to be woken up in the middle of the night all the time--not by my newborn, mind you, by the nurses. Come on people. Isn't sleep just a little more important than checking my blood pressure every 2 hours? But besides that, I am feeling great. I'm glad my history of easy c-section recoveries seems to be repeating itself. I'll probably be going home before lunch tomorrow, since I'm feeling so good. Yay! The nice quiet hospital does have its upsides. But honestly, the nurses wake me up more than my boys do at home, and I have dad and Michael home to help, so I figure why not be at home in my own bed.

Anyways, we sure are enjoying little Sophie. She loves to squeak. A lot. She also has an awesome pouty face, which I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of in the future. I think she looks more Walton than Moore (like Calvin), overall, but I do think she has some Ryan-esque features. So I can't decide who she looks more like. She loves to be held and cuddled and she loves to eat. Anyways, here are some pictures from the last couple of days:

Official family of 5:

Everybody smooching Sophie:

Boys giving Sophie kisses:

Doing some quality assurance:

Calvin hanging out at the hospital...with an apple:

Ryan snuggling his baby sister:

Holding hands with Sophie:

And getting some quality Daddy hugs:

Calvin giving Sophie a hug. Doesn't she look like she's really loving it?

Grandpa and Sophie:

Crazy old Calvin, getting some Mommy hugs:

Grandpa and the kids:

Evie, counting Sophie's toes:

And giving Sophie some nice cuddles:

Katie taking a quick peek yesterday:

And getting some better cuddles today:

Meeting Aunt AnnaMarie:

Hanging out with Katie and AnnaMarie:


AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Thanks for letting us come see her in the hospital! It's so exciting that little Sophie is finally here! I just love her already.

Elizabeth said...

She is sooo pretty! And I think in some pictures she looks just like Calvin, but then next just like Ryan... Either way she's a doll and I'm sad we don't get to see her for another whole month! But I got her two more outfits while I was out yesterday and that made me feel better, hahaha!

megan said...

Congrats again! She is a doll!