Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A visit from friends!

Last weekend we had some old friends, the Whitings, come to visit us from Chicago. We hadn't seen then since just after Calvin was born, so it was great to catch up. Their daughter Susie is just about Ryan's age, and their son Lennon is a few months younger than Calvin, so the kids had a really great time playing together. On Saturday we ended up going to a kids' museum in Edina, which ended up being a lot of fun! It was big enough to keep the kids occupied for an hour or two, but small enough that we could see the whole thing and be done by the time everyone was ready for lunch and a nap. Perfect! So, thanks for coming, Dave and April! We loved having you guys! We'll have to make it down to Chicago some time!

Here are some pictures from the science museum:

Ryan was VERY proud of himself for being able to lift up Dave all by himself!

Here's Calvin working hard on a different rope:

Programming bee robots:

Ryan and Susie in the silly mirrors:

And checking out some gears:

Michael and the boys in the silly mirrors:

Calvin checking out his multi-colored shadows:

Ryan taking a little breather in the giant-block-building room:

Calvin and Lennon checking out some buttons:

Michael helping Calvin with a giant zipper:

Also, I am now 35 weeks and am ready ready ready to get this baby out! Personally, I think she'll be early, but that might just be wishful thinking. Hopefully she won't be too early, since we're driving up to Ironwood for the weekend...Anyways, here are a couple of just-about-ready-to-pop pictures:


Michael said...

You're super cute!

Wait a minute...Hey! Get off the table!

Lindsey Hicks said...

You look so beautiful.

Sarah said...

Caroline, you look just beautiful! I love seeing how your boys are growing up and looking so much alike. I am grateful for blogs so I can keep seeing how you guys are doing. I hope your last month of pregnancy goes well and I can't wait to see your little girl . You are a wonderful mother..keep up the great work!!

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Cool pics from the museum! And you are super cute. Come on, Sophie! Get out of there!