Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Spring Spring!

It's been so nice to finally get outside this last couple of weeks, we are LOVING the 50 degree weather! Especially since this baby is not here yet, and I am really really needing some distractions. We thought maybe Saturday was going to be the day, since I was having contractions 2 to 3 minutes apart for a couple of hours, but wouldn't you know, they disappeared as soon as they strapped on the monitors in the hospital. How embarrassing. So they sent us home, with no baby. And at my appointment yesterday, my doctor said she really didn't think this baby was coming any time soon. So, I'm coming to terms with having to wait it out. Which is why the trip to 2 parks today by AnnaMarie's house was such a welcome escape! The kids had a great time, especially Calvin, who lives to run free without interference from me :) He is never happier than when he gets to take off without holding my hand or being strapped into a stroller, so he was in heaven. The kids love playing with Katie, even though Calvin and Katie have a love/hate relationship (ok, more of a love/push relationship). They both dish it out and take it, but it seems like Calvin is more prone to hollering about it and getting sympathy, so I kind of feel for Katie, because she gets in trouble way more than he does. But they still love playing together. Hooray for cousins!

Anyways, here are some pictures from our outing today:

Calvin, checking out an airplane. I swear, when it comes to airplanes, squirrels or birds, he is the most observant kid I have even met.

After seeing Ryan and Katie "smell the flowers", Calvin insisted on sniffing practically every dead plant we came across. Nice.

Ryan being cute:

I love these pictures! They're such good little buddies!

Katie and Calvin on the teeter-totter:

Calvin loving the rocking horse:

Ryan kept jumping on this thing saying "Mom, this is here for me to exercise! And this is how I exercise! Like this! See?"

Calvin, having rocking duck envy:

Ryan and me getting in on the teeter-totter action:

See my hopeful maybe-this-will-get-this-baby-out face?

There were 2 digging toys like this. After Ryan manned this one he said, "Hey mom! Go and sit on that other one, and start digging, and then we will just STARE at each other! Okay?" So I did. And we stared at each other. And Ryan was positively tickled.

The boys giving Sophie a hug:

Anyways, I hope this weather keeps up! I need 2 more weeks of distractions!

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AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

How cute! Those pictures are beautiful. What a great day. We'll do something distracting every day!