Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Getting ready for Sophie

Well, I've been a terrible blogger lately (at least Michael's been picking up the slack), so sorry. But I've just felt way too exhausted to do much of anything after the kids go to bed, so blogging just didn't make the cut. But today I was determined to get a lot done, so despite my head cold and severe sleepiness, I got the house all cleaned, some random things organized, and Sophie's room--or more appropriately, Sophie's corner--organized, which was fun! On Saturday a really sweet girl from my ward threw me a baby shower, which was so nice of her, and ended up being a lot of fun. Kelly and AnnaMarie and some friends from my ward all came and we played games, ate seriously awesome food, and just hung out and talked. Thanks to everyone for coming! I felt really loved, and scored some ridiculously cute things for Sophie (case in point, check out this 100% adorable album AnnaMarie made for me). Unfortunately, I didn't really get many pictures, except for the adorable cake that my visiting teacher and friend, Janell, made for me. Look how cute!

It was really cute and really tasty, so it was a win-win. Actually it was a win-win-win since Michael wasn't in the mood for it when I brought home leftovers...Anyways, so here are some pictures of the corner of the office that I organized for Sophie. Someday we'll finish our basement, and someday the office will be down there, and I will actually be able to fulfill my girly room dreams :) For now, here is my best nesting effort:

Her pack and play with cute teeny diapers and going-home-from-the-hospital outfit all set out. It's nestled pretty snugly between the door and the bookshelf--you can just barely open the door all the way, but it works!

A closeup of her going home outfit:

Sophie's closet! With girl clothes!

Anyways, in addition, I thought I'd finally post some pictures from a really fun family home evening we did a few weeks ago. We had some friends from our ward over, and they have an 11 year old son, so I tried to think of an activity that would be fun for him and for our boys. What I came up with was, if I may say so myself, perfect! And messy! But I think we all had a lot of fun. We did the ol' armor of God lesson and had the typical cardboard-wrapped-in-foil armor, etc., but with a twist! I made flour balls out of flour and nylons and we had a competition to see who could dodge the most flour balls with the armor while the rest of us simultaneously attacked. Everyone got a turn, and the person with the fewest flour-splotches on their person at the end won. Man, did the boys have SO MUCH FUN. Calvin especially, who lives to throw balls. I definitely lost, but in my defense, I do currently have more surface area to try to shield... Anyways, we had to cover our furniture with sheets beforehand, and I still had a doosie of a time getting it all cleaned up later, but it was so worth it! I would highly recommend it! Here are some pictures of the boys:

Ryan did surprisingly well! Note the big flour splotch on his face, however. We were pretty merciless:

Wielding the shield of faith...

Calvin with flourball in hand, ready for some retaliation:

Yeah, Ryan had a lot of fun pelting him. But he loved it, too. And just look at that floor!

Anyways, it was a great activity, and we all had a blast.

So, I am now 34 weeks. I went to a checkup yesterday and the doctor said these magical words, "So, basically, if you went into labor now, we really wouldn't do much to stop you..." Hooray! I'm almost there! I can't wait to meet my little Sophie and I also can't wait to say goodbye to heartburn, the way tums always make my breath smell weird, and completely restless and uncomfortable sleep. So basically, Sophie, if you are listening, I'd prefer you to wait 3 weeks, until you are technically no longer a preemie, and then hustle on out of there!


AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

That was a good cake.
And way to go with the cleaning & organizing! Nesting is a good thing!
And yikes, I am not as brave as you are: I'd never let my kids get flour everywhere for FHE! But it does sound fun. Maybe I'd do that one outside someday.
And we're excited to meet baby Sophie also!

Ben and Anna Bigelow said...

I always get excited for people when they make it to the magical 34 week mark!

Abbeyfan said...

Cute stuff.

Who's Susie???