Friday, March 12, 2010

Chard vs. Rhubarb

What's the difference between these two images?

If you said "Why, it's the same image, the first one is just zoomed in a little bit!", then you'd be right. So why did I insult your intelligence with such an obvious question?

Because Burpee is using the same image both for chard and for rhubarb! And because I accidentally bought Chard which I didn't want.

Granted,the name "Chard Burpee's Rhubarb" does include the word Chard in the name. In my defense though, I had just finished buying "Banana Legs Tomatoes" (which are neither banana, nor leg) and I can't think of anyone who has ever said "hey, I'm growing chard this year!".

I ended up buying rhubarb elsewhere (Burpee doesn't carry rhubarb seeds, just transplant roots) and I guess we're going to have some chard this year.


AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

I hate when that happens!

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

That other comment was from Tyler. My comment is What the devil is chard?

Abbeyfan said...

It's funny. When I read that, I was going to come on here to comment, "Well gosh. I hate it when that happens!"

But AnnaBanana (who does have a Banana in her name and she has a leg -- two of them in fact, unlike the Banana Leg Tomatoes, beat me to it.

So I won't say that.

And,I was also going to say:
"What the Dickens is chard anyway? And who is that Dickens guy?" But Tyler beat me to that one.

So, all in all, I've got nothing.

Elizabeth said...

I think you may be able to use chard to make collards which you can eat with feijoada. I think.

Abbeyfan said...

What the heck is a collard and a feijoada?

Michael said...

You could use them in place of collards, but I'm pretty sure collard greens are a certain type of plant.

Abbeyfan, you know what feijoada is. It's that blackbean stew from Brazil.

ThePalmers said...

Haha- I am growing chard in my garden right now. You can use it in salads and such.

Creed said...

I LOVE chard and am probably going to grow it this year if our garden is successful!

Sharesa Larsen said...

Oh and hey that last comment was from me, not Creed (this is Sharesa!)
PS We miss you guys terribly!