Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yet another potential career for Ryan

 During prayers tonight Ryan wrapped up by asking: "And please help me to get real smart and be a spacer rider"

We were curious of course, so after the amen we asked: Help you be a what? 

Ryan: A spacer rider!

Us: Oh, what's a spacer rider?

Ryan: Well, they just write a lot all day...

Us: OH! Do you mean Newspaper Writer?

Ryan: Yeah! I will work at the shop with Grandpa Ernie, and live with him.

Intrigued,  we proceeded to interview him.

What does a newspaper writer do?
He writes newspapers. Well, he does the paper news where he's a news system somewhere, but I dont' know all the rest, but I'm sure I'll figure it out when I'm a grownup.

So what does Grandpa Ernie do?
Ryan: He just does newspapers and does all things he wants to

Like what?
Ryan: I heard he done lots of paper work with news works. I saw him do that before. I saw him and Janny do the garage before when they were at the shop. That's all I know about Grandpa what he does at the shop though.

Why do people write newspapers?
I don't know.

So what else do you know about newspapers?
I'll just be a newspaper man when I'm big, and anything I do with my newspapers I will become a SMART WRITER!

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AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Wow, he's smart. And Grandpa better keep that business going for another 18 years so Ryan can come work there with him!