Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We love you, Grandma!

Today Michael's Grandma passed away. We will miss her, but we're glad that she can be reunited with Papa. When I explained to Ryan what happened today, he got a very sad look on his face and asked me why. I've explained to him before that everyone has to die someday, but that when we die, our spirits go to be with Heavenly Father. I've also explained that because Jesus died for us, someday we will be resurrected, and our spirits and bodies will be together again forever. So today I told him that Grandma had been very sick, and so she had died. After a few moments of sadness, then Ryan's face brightened right up and smiling he said "But someday we'll see grandma and papa again and then we'll all never die again! Isn't that GREAT??!!!!???" It made me smile to hear him speak so certainly and so excitedly about being together again after this life.
Even though during the past few years Grandma wasn't able to express herself very clearly (she had a stroke in 2005), I remember that almost every time we would come over she would have a great big smile for me and make me feel loved. And I never saw her happier than when we brought the little kids over. I could tell that she really and truly loved them.

Here are some pictures from a visit to Ironwood in 2008:

Grandma with Ryan, Katie and Calvin

I love this sequence with Michael, Grandma and Calvin:

I'm not sure how she felt about Calvin eating her!

But in the end, all was forgiven!

We will miss you, Grandma! Thank you for your warmth, love and kindness.

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