Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

This guy is a great big 4 year old! I'm torn between feeling like "I can't believe he's already four!" and "It's about time. He's been looking and acting 4 for like 2 years now." Ryan really is such a great little boy, and we had a really fun time celebrating his birthday yesterday. This was the first year he's been really excited for his birthday. When he got out of bed in the morning, Ryan ran into our room yelling "Look, I got bigger! Look how big I am!" Michael made Ryan his birthday breakfast request--waffles with whipped cream. He had also requested that we have fruit salad on top of them. So I made some. But he changed his mind. Anyways, we also had chocolate milk and strawberry milk with breakfast, so Ryan was pretty much in heaven. Then we opened some presents before Michael left for work, and Ryan was just as happy as can be.

Here he is with his birthday waffles. Check out the excitement:

About to open his presents:

The boys in their matching hats form Liz and Erik:

Loving his giant Hershey bar:

My goal for Ryan's birthday was to spend time having fun with him. So I only did some very minor picking up during the day, and by the time Michael got home from work, the house really wasn't looking so great, and dinner hadn't even been started yet, but Ryan and I DID have a lot of fun together, so it was worth it. We mostly played around with Calvin and had fun together. When Calvin napped, Ryan requested that we do playdough and then watch Dora the Explorer. Which we did. I did suggest that we watch it on my bed where I could conveniently fall asleep. But Ryan said that he really liked snuggling me, so I don't think he minded too much.

After Calvin woke up we went over to the neighbor's house (they have 4 kids from baby to 7 yrs old) to keep an eye on their younger kids while Julie, the mom, went to pick up the big kids from school. When they got back, the 7 year old, Gabe, gave Ryan tons and tons of valentine's day candy from his school party, so needless to say, Ryan was thrilled. We picked up Michael from work and headed to the car dealership to pick up our car (oh yeah, our gear shifter got stuck in low on Tuesday and wouldn't budge so we couldn't start our car since we couldn't get it to neutral or park, so we had to have it towed...great...thank heavens for AnnaMarie and Tyler lending us their extra 2:30 in the morning...thanks again, Tyler!). Anyways, all day I had been turning over a brilliant idea in my head, so when we got to the dealership, I brought Ryan inside with me while Michael stayed in the other car with Calvin. After paying for our repairs (sweet. $763. love it.) I took Ryan into the service bay area and approached a not-too-busy-looking guy and said, "Hi, it's my son's birthday, and he LOVES garage doors. Is their any way he could push the button to open that really big garage door?" Ryan's eyes got huge and the guy said, "Wow, I didn't even know that garage doors were fun. I guess I should have been paying more attention! Sure, I'll show you where the button is." Ryan was so happy, and I'm pretty sure I won the Coolest Mom Ever award. The noise was so loud it actually made him jump a good 3 feet back from the button once he pushed it. But he was 100% thrilled.

Here he is, walking with the service guy.

Right after pushing the button:

Watching it go up! I wish I had been on the other side to catch his expression. Priceless.

We had some cake and a couple more presents after dinner and then Ryan got to play with his new science experiment kit from Grandma and Grandpa Walton, which he adored. We had a great time doing it all together. Anyways, it was a really great birthday, and he got calls from pretty much every single relative plus Liz and Erik (oh, and they sent presents for our whole family, too! You guys are the best!), got to video chat with Grandpa Moore and the gang, and felt very loved and very special. We love our fun four year old boy. Thanks everybody for making it such a great birthday.

Here he is with his test tubes:

Calvin getting in on the fun:

Using that state-of-the-art magnifying glass to inspect the water:

And this is how I found him in bed after he finally fell asleep. Some things never change. The bottom pics are from 4 years ago!

Oh, and I can't forget Calvin's fun filled day either. The highlights were:

1. When he discovered that I hadn't put the sugar away properly and after realizing things were a little too quiet, me discovering him up to his elbows in sugar, shoving fist-fulls into his mouth, surrounded by toys coated in sugar which I can only assume he goobered all over and then dipped back in the sugar. He was a very happy boy. Until I put the sugar away. It's in a bucket with a lid that snaps on, and he kept bringing in toys, trying to pry the lid back off. Gotta admire that persistence.
2. When he realized that he had some pretty nasty nose goobers on his face and ran up to me like he was coming to give me a big hug, but instead sweetly said "Mommy! Nose Goobers!" and then embraced me but proceeded to wipe his dirty little face all over my shirt. On purpose.

Anyways, we had Ryan's party today, but that will have to wait for another post since this one is already too long and I'm getting sleepy!


Janelle Dobson said...

Four years already? Wow, time flies. Happy Birthday Ryan!

Christy said...

Happy Birthday Ryan! Sounds like he had lots of fun.

Abbey said...

Happy Birthday, Ryan! We sure love you!

Marianne P. said...

Sounds like an awesome birthday! Happy Birthday Ryan!