Friday, February 19, 2010

Birthday Festivities

Well, Ryan's birthday party was a success! He had about 8 little friends over and they all had a blast. Since Ryan has been really into experiments lately, we decided to do an experiment party where we did kid friendly science experiments (like making slime and bouncy balls from glue and borax, and some other fun creations). But they ended up taking so long with just the bouncy ball experiment that we didn't even have time for the others! But that's OK, they really liked the bouncy balls and quite frankly that was a big enough mess :) But Ryan loved it, which was the important part. He was ecstatic to have everyone paying attention to him and especially to be the one to open all of the presents. Anyways, the kids had a great time and Ryan had a successful birthday party! Here are some pictures from his party:

Here is the birthday boy opening his presents:

Giggling on the big chair with his favorite girl, Asia (he always tells me he is so nice to her so that she will marry him):

Dancing with Asia to his clock radio music:

Blowing out his candle:

Michael doing the experiment with the kids:

Calvin rockin' out on his rockin' dog:

Ryan, showing us how big he is:

This is how excited he was:

Calvin giving Ryan a nice birthday hug:

Ryan in his birthday shirt. All his friends at his party colored something on it or had someone trace their hands on it with crayon, then you put wax paper on it and iron it on to make it permanent):

After the party, we were all pretty much pooped. But the boys enjoyed playing with all the new toys and having a lazy afternoon. We had a nice Valentine's Day, too. We had pancakes and whipped cream with berries (my favorite!) and had a hectic-as-always morning getting the boys ready for church (Michael especially, since I at least got to go to choir early...), but then we had a lovely, romantic candlelight dinner with the boys, AnnaMarie, Tyler, Katie and Jane :) It was really fun to have them over. And Ryan was so excited to open his present form Grandpa Moore--a TON of his very favorite snacks. He was in heaven.

Calvin really excited to be playing with one of Ryan's new cars:

Ryan with his ping pong ball gun:

Oh, this was funny. Ryan saw the light reflected onto the wall through the front door and said, "Hey, GUYS! Look at the wall! It's like there's a garage door on there!" Who knows where he gets this stuff...

A tuckered-out Calvin:

These were part of the packaging from the slippers Michael gave me for Valentine's day. When I took them out of the slippers, Calvin picked them up to investigate. After taking a careful look, he excitedly exclaimed, "OH! Grandma shoes!" For anyone who knows my mom and her love of high heels, this is really hilarious.

Calvin not really sharing a car with baby Jane:

Really happy about his decision not to share that car:

Apologizing for not sharing:

Calvin just really really loves Jane. He loves to clobber her with hugs and kisses and gets so excited when she comes to visit. Here he is just playing with her:

Jane pretty concerned about the fact that her spoon doesn't have any dessert on it:

Ryan opening his big bag of snacks from Grandpa:

Check out that loot:

Making a candy angel:

Pleasantly surprised by the JiffyPop:

And this is how I found my sweet boy this morning. He got these building toys for his birthday and really likes playing with them. He's getting pretty good at being creative with them, too. So this morning he came out of his room and said, "Look, Mommy! Calvin and I made a flower for you!" He came up with it all on his own. What a sweetheart.

We decorated the window for Ryan's birthday. I love this picture of the shadow on the wall from the letters we put up:

So, happy birthday, Ryan! Thanks for being our sweet, wonderful boy. We love you!


AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

There are some really great pictures on this post! What a fun time we all have!

Elizabeth said...

I am so excited to see you guys!!! Only just barely over 2 months! :)