Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Really Great Day

Today was such a great day. I woke up to happy children playing nicely together in their room. Then they found the radio button on their clock and we hear Ryan yelling from the other room "CALVIN! DO YOU KNOW WHAT SONG THIS IS????? IT'S SWEET CAROLINE! I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!" Then he came and got us for a dance party. It was really sweet, and reminded me of one morning when I was a kid and my dad called from his car on the way to work to tell me to turn on the oldies station because Sweet Caroline was playing. That always made me feel special :) And so did Ryan! When we dropped Michael off for work, the boys were in good spirits.

There was a rough patch mid-morning with me crying in the middle of laundry piles (pregnant+headcold+tired+laundry+screaming children), but was quickly remedied by AnnaMarie and the girls coming over. We all went to Target together and then came back to our house for lunch. Maybe that doesn't sound like much, but getting out of the house did wonders for me and for the boys. They just really love playing with Katie, and it was really nice to have them come over!

Then after they left, both boys took naps with Calvin hitting his nap record of over 3 hours! Woo! I got SO much done, it was amazing! Dinner was made, kitchen was clean, car was vacuumed and the stinky back bench seat (thank you, spilled sippy cups of milk...) was scrubbed down with baking soda paste and vinegar water and thus successfully de-stinkified, laundry was (almost) done, I was happy and the boys woke up just in time to leave to pick up Michael from work. Even better, Ryan woke up first and as he was groggily stumbling into the kitchen he said "Good morning, Mom! I am awake! (pause as he sees I am working on dinner) Is there anything I can help you with?" He was such a sweet little angel, helping Calvin get ready to pick up Michael and even offered to let Calvin do the garage door button.

After picking Michael up, the boys spent the whole car ride home alternating between giving each other high-fives and giving Michael high-fives. Once home, they actually ate dinner and then we had a great time reading books, singing songs (complete with Michael and me on the bongos, Ryan on the cowbell and Calvin dancing), doing a "punching project" (Ryan LOVES doing this--it's just using paper punches to punch out shapes), making chocolate-peanut-butter-covered pretzels and raisins (Ryan aptly named it "Chocolate Stir-fry"), giving the boys a bath (Calvin is sooo funny at the end of the bath, just laying there in the empty tub, getting as close as possible to the bottom, happy as a clam just wanting to stay in the tub forever), and having an absolutely great time together. It was so nice to just have so much fun together all in one night! Sometimes the boys haven't napped well and are cranky when Michael gets home and get shipped off to bed pretty early. But tonight was just wonderful! Thanks boys, and thanks Michael, for all of the fun. You guys made my day!

Michael and the boys making Chocolate Stir-Fry:


Michael said...

Is it just me, or does Calvin in the first picture look like he just ate someone?

Abbeyfan said...

That's great! You guys sure have a lot of fun together!

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Love it when the day just clicks together and everyone is happy. Good for you!