Saturday, January 23, 2010

Funny Guy

So this morning when I was getting Calvin dressed and putting socks on him, he was holding his doggie and got very concerned that the doggie didn't have any socks. He insisted on putting socks on doggie, so we did. Then we headed to the kitchen for breakfast, and Calvin didn't think it was very fair that everyone had a bowl of cereal except doggie. He was very adamant about doggie getting his own bowl. Next, you guessed it! Doggie needed a sippy cup before Calvin would even touch his breakfast. He's certainly a sweet, funny boy!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Really Great Day

Today was such a great day. I woke up to happy children playing nicely together in their room. Then they found the radio button on their clock and we hear Ryan yelling from the other room "CALVIN! DO YOU KNOW WHAT SONG THIS IS????? IT'S SWEET CAROLINE! I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!" Then he came and got us for a dance party. It was really sweet, and reminded me of one morning when I was a kid and my dad called from his car on the way to work to tell me to turn on the oldies station because Sweet Caroline was playing. That always made me feel special :) And so did Ryan! When we dropped Michael off for work, the boys were in good spirits.

There was a rough patch mid-morning with me crying in the middle of laundry piles (pregnant+headcold+tired+laundry+screaming children), but was quickly remedied by AnnaMarie and the girls coming over. We all went to Target together and then came back to our house for lunch. Maybe that doesn't sound like much, but getting out of the house did wonders for me and for the boys. They just really love playing with Katie, and it was really nice to have them come over!

Then after they left, both boys took naps with Calvin hitting his nap record of over 3 hours! Woo! I got SO much done, it was amazing! Dinner was made, kitchen was clean, car was vacuumed and the stinky back bench seat (thank you, spilled sippy cups of milk...) was scrubbed down with baking soda paste and vinegar water and thus successfully de-stinkified, laundry was (almost) done, I was happy and the boys woke up just in time to leave to pick up Michael from work. Even better, Ryan woke up first and as he was groggily stumbling into the kitchen he said "Good morning, Mom! I am awake! (pause as he sees I am working on dinner) Is there anything I can help you with?" He was such a sweet little angel, helping Calvin get ready to pick up Michael and even offered to let Calvin do the garage door button.

After picking Michael up, the boys spent the whole car ride home alternating between giving each other high-fives and giving Michael high-fives. Once home, they actually ate dinner and then we had a great time reading books, singing songs (complete with Michael and me on the bongos, Ryan on the cowbell and Calvin dancing), doing a "punching project" (Ryan LOVES doing this--it's just using paper punches to punch out shapes), making chocolate-peanut-butter-covered pretzels and raisins (Ryan aptly named it "Chocolate Stir-fry"), giving the boys a bath (Calvin is sooo funny at the end of the bath, just laying there in the empty tub, getting as close as possible to the bottom, happy as a clam just wanting to stay in the tub forever), and having an absolutely great time together. It was so nice to just have so much fun together all in one night! Sometimes the boys haven't napped well and are cranky when Michael gets home and get shipped off to bed pretty early. But tonight was just wonderful! Thanks boys, and thanks Michael, for all of the fun. You guys made my day!

Michael and the boys making Chocolate Stir-Fry:

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Plugs and Switches!

About 1/2 of our house was wired with two prong plugs. Most old houses were, but we still had two prong plugs in the dining area, and a non-GFIC outlets by the sinks in the bathroom and kitchen. We also had several light switches which were dimmer switches. Dimmer switches are fine, except that CFL bulbs don't work well with dimmer switches.

So on Saturday I switched out most of the outlets and all of the switches. I need to get one more GFIC outlet before I can replace the last pair in the kitchen.

Below is one of Ryan and Calvin's most used Christmas presents. It's a Cars toothbrush holder. They LOVE it. Mostly because when you pull out a toothbrush or press the button on the front it plays 2 whole minutes of rock'n tooth brushing music. (Since that's how long the you're supposed to brush for...or something). They also love that it's LOUD. The only down side is that there's no off switch...and sometimes it starts when you close the door, or the toilet lid, or when someone bumps it while washing their hands in the bathroom.

Wait. What was that soldering iron doing in that picture? Oh that's right. Did I mention you couldn't turn it off? Well, I fixed that too. A quick solder job and an old switch later, and now we can turn it off during nap time. :-)
Seriously...who makes a loud (but fun, and loved by the boys) kids toy with no volume control or way to turn it off?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back Home

Well, we made it back from our lovely trip up north and settled back in to real, post-holiday life. To be honest, this is what real, post-holiday life has been looking like lately:

This would be the boys watching the movie "Up" for the millionth time. Calvin affectionately refers to it as "SnipeDoggieBalloon!" Every time he wakes up from a nap, he says, "Wan watcha boobie!" But don't worry, that's just Calvin talk for movie. And when Michael comes home from work and asks Calvin what he did all day, Calvin's only response is "Snipe! Doggie! BALLOONS!!!!" Thank heavens for AnnaMarie and Tyler living so close! A few times a week we throw a little of this into the mix, and life gets exponentially better:


(Just kidding. Not ours!)

Sure, there's a lot more yelling, but for some reason it's so much easier than just my own kids yelling! Call me crazy. Anyways, we've been loving having Katie and Jane and AnnaMarie come over and hang out with us, and it definitely saves my sanity, so thanks for coming over, guys! I promise to try harder to have everyone ready by 7:30 in time to take Michael to work so I can have the car and we can actually go to your house some time :)

So, in other news, I've been getting pregnant-er. Here I am at 27 weeks, which really sounds like I'm not even close to being done at all. *sigh* The constant eating of tums and lack of sleep will be getting pretty old come April. At least Michael is a very sweet husband and surprised me the other night by buying me a big body pillow, and ever since then I've been sleeping much better, so thanks, honey! [Michael Edit: I hate that pillow. She always snuggles it instead of me. She sleeps better with it though, so I guess I'll live with it....for now.]

Lately I've also been realizing that my boys can be really good helpers when they're in a good mood. And when they're given the right incentives. One day I asked Ryan if he wanted to earn some skittles by cleaning up his room. It was amazing to watch that boy work! Now every day he asks if he can "do that thing...where I work...for stuff...with candy..." and so I think up some chore that is easy enough for him to do. He really thinks it's fun! Which is great for me, and I am finding that even when a reward is not involved, he is getting a lot better at helping do chores. Today he put away dishes, cleaned up the living room, and put all the books away just because I asked him if he wanted to help. He's such a good boy! And Calvin, bless his little heart, tries to help out in any way he can. I don't even have to ask him to help with the dishes. Every time I open the dishwasher he starts grabbing silverware and tossing it in the silverware drawer for me. And he about died with satisfaction yesterday when I asked him if he wanted to help roll out the tortillas I was making. See that face? That's a happy boy!

Anyways, I count myself very lucky to have such good, helpful, sweet boys.

So, were you all wondering what Ryan's new favorite thing to do is? Well, for Christmas my sister Danica really hit the jackpot with the present she gave him-- a Lego garage door set. That's right. G*A*R*A*G*E D*O*O*R. He is in love. When we were up in Ironwood, Grandpa was gracious enough to let us take home a bunch of Legos to use with it, and Ryan seriously could play with it all day without stopping to eat, drink, or sleep. He does still take bathroom brakes, luckily. Last night he was very grumpy and wanted to play with it, and I told him no, but that when he woke up in the morning if he could get out of bed very quietly and not wake up Calvin, I would let him play with it for a while. 6:00 AM on the dot, that kid comes (quietly) bouncing into our room, soooo excited for his garage door time. Anyways, here he is, loving his garage door:

Calvin's new favorite thing is being a shaving buddy. He was so enthralled by Ryan's shaving kit that we ended up finding one for him, too (thank you target clearance-- $2.50!). He now runs around the house periodically yelling "SHAVING BUDDY!!!! SHAVING BUDDY!!!!" He loves anything that makes him feel like a big boy, and this certainly does the trick. Here he is, trying out his new razor:

And last but not least, some pictures that I hadn't posted yet from our trip up to Ironwood:

This was Ryan's face when we explained to him about decorating the gingerbread house...WITH CANDY!

This is Calvin, really loving juice:

Grandpa, Jane and AnnaMarie enjoying some New Year's Eve snacks:

Abbey and AnnaMarie putting together the gingerbread house:

And, of course, Ryan reunited with his true love, the garage door opener: