Thursday, December 31, 2009


We had a great Christmas this year! We had so much fun being surrounded by family and having fun together. Kelly and Ken were kind enough to have us sleep over at their house with the whole Walton clan on Christmas Eve, and the kids had so much fun staying up together and watching out the window for Santa. It was so cute! On Christmas morning we opened presents and spent the day at Ken and Kelly's house. It was great to have Grandma and Grandpa Walton and Aunt Danica there, and we all had so much fun spending time together. Later on Christmas we went over to AnnaMarie and Tyler's house and spent some time with them and the girls, which was also really fun. After that, our boys were definitely ready for a good night's sleep in their own beds :)

On Tuesday we drove up here to Ironwood, where we had a second (belated) Christmas with Grandpa, Aunt Christy, Aunt Abbey, Uncle Benjamin, AnnaMarie, Katie Jane, and Hikaru. The kids have been having lots of fun playing together, and of course, opening presents was a blast, too. Mostly it has just been fun to spend time all together and enjoy each others' company.

And here it is, New Years' Eve! I can't believe 2009 is over already! Happy New Year, everybody! Here are a couple (ok...a lot...) of pictures to celebrate!

Our boys in front of our tree at home:

Ryan in front of some presents on Christmas morning:

Opening stocking stuffers! They were a big hit!

He really loved that headlamp!

And of course, Calvin loved his, too!

Ryan loves this great big walking roaring dinosaur. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Trying out his new Lightening McQueen slippers at Grandpa Moore's house:

And Calvin LOVES, ABSOLUTELY LOVES his rocking dog!

Katie getting very very excited about her pony:

Benjamin lovin' his new Rubik's cube:

Calvin absconding with Ryan's new soccer ball:

Michael and me opening some presents:

Christy and Benjamin opening presents with Katie and Calvin:

Ryan with a present, and Baby Jane stealing Abbey's candy cane. Ryan did this pose with every present:

AnnaMarie and the girls:

Ryan and Katie with their stockings:

Ryan's favorite present was his toy shaving kit. He was already Michael's "shaving buddy", which meant he stood there and got to put soap on his face, but now he gets to pretend to REALLY shave with Michael, and he is so excited every morning! It's really cute to watch. Here he is trying it our for the first time, trying to do it just like his daddy!

He makes this very serious face every time:

Looking at Michael, double checking that he's doing it right:

And I just love these pictures of Calvin with his Aunt Danica. He really loves her a lot!

Thanks everybody for a great Christmas and New Years! We love you!


Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness. Those shaving kit pictures are toooo adorable!
Happy New Year you guys! :)

Ben and Anna Bigelow said...

great minds truly do think alike (and by that I mean our boys). James and Jay also got the exact same headlamps, and lighning mcqueen made a showing, too :)

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Aw, so much fun.