Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pumpkin Carving!

I know, I know, Halloween was a month ago. But I just finally got these pumpkin carving pictures off of my camera, and they reminded me of how much fun the boys had carving our pumpkin. They are so funny, and I just love seeing their goofy expressions and the ridiculous things they do. Love my boys!

Why yes, that is Calvin holding a steak knife, why do you ask?

Calvin LOVED the pumpkin. He loved everything about it. Except sticking his hand inside.

He also LOVED his spoon and ice cream scooper.

Ryan was braver, and actually dug around inside a little bit. This is his "I'm trying to smile even though this is gross" face:

And here are his spoils! I think he got like, 1 seed. But he was really proud of himself!

Michael, showing the boys how it's done:

You want me to do what?

Success! A jack-o-lantern!

Calvin also loved helping Michael wash off the seeds:

And Calvin did his usual stand-by-the-oven-yelling-"COOKIE!!!!"-until-someone-gives-him-something-tasty-to-eat trick. For the record, both boys loved the pumpkin seeds!

It was a really fun night! Thanks for doing all the work, Michael!

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AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Cute pictures! That's funny that neither of them wanted to touch the guts. And I love the one of Calvin yelling COOKIE! at the pumpkin seeds. Good old Calvin.