Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More ultrasound pictures!

So, Michael scanned in the rest of our ultrasound pictures, so I thought I'd put them up for your viewing pleasure. It seemed like with the ultrasounds for Ryan and Calvin I could keep up pretty well with what part of the baby we were looking at, but with this one, I was pretty much at a loss most of the time! This little girl was wiggling all over the whole time, and kept her hands right up by her face and mouth, and it was fun to find out even those couple of little things about her. Anyways, here are the pictures!

On the left is a view of her foot from the bottom of the foot, with her heel by the vertical line on the screen. On the right I think is a profile shot of her foot.

This is her face from the front. I was thinking of adding Skeletor to the name list...

And a couple of profile views of her head:

I guess this is the shot that shows you she is a girl?

Here is her spine...I know! Exciting!

And another face from the front shot:

Apparantly, these are pictures of her hands..

Anyways, we are excited to meet our little girl in a few months!

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AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

I love ultrasound pictures. I like when you can tell a tiny little bit of their personality from how they respond to the tech or how they move. It's the first glimpse of your little miracle! I'm so excited for her. It's amazing how she's all bent in half!