Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good Days!

This has been a great week! But before the long post part, I am really curious! We have our big ultrasound on Saturday, and I just wanted to see what you all think it's going to be. Boy, girl, one of each (not likely form the looks of the first ultrasound...phew!)? So leave a comment and let me know your guess!

So, back to the great week! We left to go up north to Ironwood on Friday to visit Michael's family for the weekend and we had such a nice time! I think I have the best in-laws ever. Seriously. It's so relaxing and comfortable there, and so much fun to just spend time with everyone. The boys can't get enough. Especially Ryan who was reunited with the now-working-garage-door. He was in hog heaven, reliving his life's fantasy--sitting on the kitchen table with his very own garage door remote watching it go up and down and up and down forever and ever. Also, we had a really great dinner on Saturday night at their house (my father in law makes a mean spaghetti sauce) and it just seemed like the perfect relaxing wind-down to a crazy, busy few weeks. And Christy and Hikaru made homemade sugar cookies that were just so so so good. So thanks, everybody, for letting us come visit! It was so so so so so so so nice to be there!

To top off the awesome trip, the boys slept for about 4 of the 5 hour drive with the awake hour spent eating lunch in their carseats and saying silly words to each other. We never even had to stop the car the entire way. It was awesome! Then on Monday AnnaMarie came and hung out with me and the boys, which was a life saver, because apparently I had used up all my good karma during the car ride and they were getting way too crazy to handle without some outside help. Enter Katie! My boys love Katie. Calvin especially right now gets so excited when I mention her name that he is bouncing off the walls with joy at the prospect of seeing her. They had so much fun crawling around playing doggies (my new favorite game that they play--they just crawl around and quietly "woof" amongst themselves), getting really messy in the back yard, and playing mommy and daddy. I just love having AnnaMarie nearby. She is so fun to just hang out with and talk to and relax with. Thanks for coming, AnnaMarie! Boy, did we need that!

Then, as if this week could get any better, Kelly took me out for a pedicure and dinner at the Cheesecake Factory as an early birthday treat! Oh. Man. It was so nice to just hang out without our kids! Don't get me wrong, I love our kids, but it's been a long time since we just got to enjoy hanging out together without our minds in a million places at once. It was so relaxing and yummy and perfect, so thanks Kelly! I had so much fun just hanging out together! Not to mention the hummus....and the smoothie....and the lettuce wraps...I could go on, but I might start drooling.

Then Tuesday was my birthday, and it was really such a great day! Michael is so sweet. He made me my favorite--waffles with whipped cream and berries--for breakfast, which was actually quite a battle, because we just got this new pancake mix and now we know not to use it on the waffle iron because it is impossible to get them off in one piece, no matter how much you grease them. Anyways, they were delicious, and then we opened presents (GREAT job picking them, honey!) and spent some nice time all together before Michael left for work. And the boys were so good for me all day! It was amazing! They played nicely, gave me extra hugs and kisses all day, sang me "Happy Birthday" randomly throughout the day (even Calvin, although he can't say "birthday" so he just sings "Happy....(pause) you....MOMMY!") had great naps, after which Calvin gave me the sweetest snuggles I've had from him in a while, and were just all around amazingly well behaved and sweet. And we managed to keep the house clean all day, which made it all the more relaxing. Then Michael came home from work and made us all a delicious dinner and AnnaMarie and Tyler and the girls came to help celebrate. Then we topped it off with angel food cake with whipped cream and berries (my favorite cake--are we sensing a theme here? I think anything with whipped cream and berries pretty much just constitutes a favorite in my book), and had a really nice time. My parents sent me an awesome birthday package as well, so thanks, Mom and Dad! And Michael and I topped off the evening watching Psych while the boys slept (I just really do LOVE that show!). It was such a happy, great birthday! I feel really loved!

Then today I watched my friend's two children from 9 to 5, which I honestly thought was going to be pretty painful, but they were all so well-behaved that I got 4 loads of laundry done, the entire house cleaned, happy play time with both of my kids (individually and together), one and a half hours of a completely quiet house all to myself, read 2 conference talks, and had a really great, relaxing day! I don't know how it happened! But it was awesome! And my kids were asleep without a fight by 6:45 tonight. So amazing!

Anyways, these last few days have been so great, and I feel so thankful for my wonderful family and friends who make my life so good! So thanks, everybody!

Here are some pictures of the birthday festivities:

What could be more beautiful than my just-rolled-out-of-bed 'do? How 'bout these waffles?

With Kelly at the Cheesecake Factory:

About to blow out my candles (the real cake was prettier, this was the "go ahead and drip wax on it" cake. Also, I love your enthusiasm, AnnaMarie!):

I think I love this picture more than anything else in the world:

Except maybe this:

My boys being goofy for my birthday:

And some of me and my boys:

And AnnaMarie entertaining the kids when they came over on Monday:


Abbeyfan said...

Yay for birthdays that are fun! Glad you had a nice time this weekend.
Here's my vote: Girl. She'll be more spoiled than you-know-who's.

Amber said...

I also vote for a girl. We miss you guys. Happy bday Caroline! Glad to hear things are going well.

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Great pictures! I love the one with Calvin's hat. :) I vote for a girl! Though I don't know how Dad could possibly spoil your girl more than mine already are. I'm sure he'd manage.

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Also, thought I'd let you know...I'm listening to Twilight music and can't wait for tonight! Yay!

Morgan said...

ok, so i must have missed the post about you being pregnant! congrats! when are you due? i say a girl because that would be fun.

Caity said...

I must have missed that you were pregnant too! Congratulations! Well, every guess this year has been wrong. So since, my gut says "girl" I'm going against that to say boy :) I'm excited for you! Happy Belated Birthday!

Christy said...


Abbey said...

It seems like everyone thinks it is going to be a girl. Hmm... Boy. :) Let us know as soon as you do!