Tuesday, November 3, 2009


This is how I found Ryan and Calvin this morning:

That's right, Calvin was walking around in my heels and Ryan was walking around in Michael's shoes. To make it even better, Ryan said they were playing "Mommy and Daddy" and then they both started wandering around and calling each other "Babe". That's right, even Calvin. They are still playing even as I write this. I just heard Ryan say "Okay, babe, I have a meeting, so ok, Babe? I'm gonna be running around and, Babe, if you need to call me just run down the hallway. If I need you, Babe, you'll be running down the hallway, cuz I'll be in the kitchen, ok Babe? Does that sound fine?"

Love my funny boys!


Janelle Dobson said...

My daughter has taken to calling both Michael and I "honey" and Trevor "son"- it's hard to explain to her that certain names can only be used by certain people. Oh well. It still makes me laugh.

Elizabeth said...

i am dying over here! too funny! :)

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Katie told me today: "You're the mommy and I'm the Daddy, ok?"

Kelly said...

At least they weren't playing mommy and daddy calling each other "jerk" and "idiot." That's something!