Sunday, October 25, 2009


Calvin said "Why" for the first time today. At least, it was the first time that we noticed and it was in context.

He wanted to play with the two tubes of caulk that I had sitting on the piano. He was tired, cranky and a little bit teary to begin with. He whined "chours" and pointed at the caulk. I said, "no Calvin, you can't have the caulk". "Whyyyyyyy?" he bawled.

My explanation that caulk is not a toy and that I wanted them left on top of the piano quicky soothed him and he returned to his normal happy self.

He didn't like that at all and cried harder until Caroline took him and put him to bed. Aaaaannd...15 minutes later, he's still crying.


Morgan said...

you gotta love those no-nap sundays!! sounds like our house on sundays.

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Boy, kids are hard to reason with some times.