Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Today is Michael's 28th birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetheart! We had a nice morning all together and, in the grand tradition of our little Moore family, we opened presents pretty much first thing in the morning. We don't like waiting! Although Ryan did spill the beans on 3 of the 4 presents, so the anticipation probably wasn't killing him like it usually is :)

We haven't gotten to see much of him today, since he was at work and Tyler very awesomely invited him to a hockey game tonight, but we were able to squeeze in dinner and blowing out candles (he didin't even get to eat any of the cake yet, poor guy!). So, I thought I would at least post an ode to Michael here in case I'm unconscious when he gets back :) Here are my top ten things I love about Michael:

#10- Making up goofy songs. Michael is constantly making up goofy songs, with or without the help of musical instruments. They without fail involve something he likes about me or the boys. It's really funny, and really sweet.

#9- Hardworking. Michael never quits. Aside from his 9 to 5 job, he also does web consulting, runs a knife sharpening business, runs a vhs to digital conversion business, works REALLY hard at his calling in young mens', fixes our house, builds furniture, keeps on top of our finances, bills, investments, etc., and when he's not doing any of that, if he has a minute to sit down and relax by himself, he's usually reading something educational online so that he'll know how to do EVEN MORE stuff. It's incredible. I feel lazy.

#8- Piano playing skills. Michael is really good at the piano. I love hearing him play classical music especially. It really makes our home more peaceful and more beautiful. It's also fun when he accompanies me and I sing. I really like getting to do that together.

#7- Michael lets me warm up my toes on him when I'm cold. Any time. No matter how cold. And he smiles while I do it. You can't beat that!

#6-Handyman skills. Michael can fix or make anything. Really. From soldering new pipes in place of the leaky ones, to building a beautiful credenza out of scratch, to baking delicious Brazilian flan, to gluing his shoes back together when they break, to recovering pictures I deleted off my camera, YOU NAME IT, HE CAN DO IT! I love that.

#5-His hat. I got Michael a souvenier from Germany when I was there last year- a traditional German hat. He wears it every chance he gets! Maybe it's because I had a dad growing up that wore a hat that as a teenager I would roll my eyes at every time I saw it, but it really makes me smile to see him wear it. I love that he loves it and doesn't care that it's unconventional. Plus, honey, you look hot in it! JA, WOHL!

#4- Mirror notes. Michael is so thoughtful, and leaves notes for me in dry erase markers on our mirrors. They make my day, and I have a hard time erasing them because I love them so much.

#3- Telling me I'm beautiful (and actually believing it), even when I truly look like a dog-tired, pregnant, sleep-deprived, crazy-haired, unkempt mother of two crazy boys.

#2- Selflessness. Michael always thinks about me first, whether it's warming up the rice sock he made for me if he thinks I'm cold, offering me the last piece of whatever it is we are eating, asking me if I want him to drive when we go somewhere even if he's tired, giving me a backrub after a long day even if he'd rather be asleep, staying up late "working on computer stuff" when he's actually sneakily doing the dishes, and millions of other things. He's the best man I know, and I'm so lucky to have him.

#1- His love for me and our boys. Following the example of his dad, his grandpa, and other great men in his family, there is never a doubt what is most important to him--his family. Michael is so great at showing his love for me and our boys. Even as small as they are, the boys know without a doubt that their daddy loves them no matter what and that he is always there when they need him. And I know that no matter what, we are what's most important to him, and he will be there whenever I need him. He always has a ready hug, warm smile and kind word. He will and does do anything and everything for us. We love you so much, Michael!

You really are the best husband and daddy we could ask for. I love you, Michael! The boys love you, too! Happy Birthday!


Elizabeth said...

Aw!!! Happy Birthday, Michael! You are awesome!
We miss you guys!

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Happy Birthday, Michael! We love you, too. And sweet post, Caroline.

I feel lazy also compared to Michael. And he is amazing and knowing how to do stuff. And don't let him drive. And gross about the cold toes. And Caroline, you are beautiful. And you don't look pregnant.

Abbeyfan said...

Yay for Michael! And Caroline! And the other ones.