Friday, October 9, 2009

Cavin and the Big Banana

When I went to get Calvin's bottle out of the fridge this morning, he started yelling "nana nana!". That's monkey speak for "I want that banana".

I let him pulled it out of the fridge, and told him to bring it to Caroline. Despite being able to carry bricks around the yard, he was barely able to carry it across the kitchen.

He wouldn't believe the voice of experience that said "IT'S NOT A BANANA CALVIN, IT'S A ZUCCHINI", so we said "Take a bite, Calvin!"

So he did. It took two bites for him to believe us, but he was finally willing to back down on his demands.


AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

That is classic. Stubborn children that we have. :) Love it!

Speaking of bananas, I found one in my church bag, which I haven't used for 2 weeks, and boy was it disgusting. All of my RS papers are ruined, and that's the reason we have had fruit flies. Dis-gus-ting.

Janelle Dobson said...

So so so so cute! I love the baby in the handbag.