Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Amazing Michael and other fun things...

First off, I have an amazing husband. Yeah yeah yeah, everybody says that on their blogs, but I mean it! If you saw the previous post about Michael laying a patio (go see it here if you didn't!), that should have been your first clue. But last night, after laying the patio, Michael finished the beautiful living room table he has been working on for months! It is perfect in the living room! He worked so hard on it, and I'm so excited to have it gracing our living room. Here are some pictures:

Seriously, doesn't it look awesome? I can't believe you designed and made the whole thing all by yourself, honey! Way to go! I love it!

In other awesome news, it was finally a beautiful fall day yesterday so we took advantage of it by taking a nice long walk with AnnaMarie and the girls to a beautiful park by their house. It was sooooo nice outside! I loved the sunshine and how much energy we squeezed out of those kids. Plus we got some great pictures! We had so much fun, so thanks AnnaMarie! Here are way too many pictures:

Katie and Ryan had fun holding hands and running around together picking dead flowers:

Ryan giving Katie a hug:

AnnaMarie pointed out a fuzzy caterpillar to the kids and they went nuts! They absolutely loved it and had so much fun talking to it and getting as close to it as possible.

Happy little Calvin:

Katie had a great time running wild:

Calvin loves bugs and had so much fun watching them crawl around on the slide that it took him a while to remember to go down:

The kids also had a lot of fun on the big bench swing:

Katie especially loved it:

Katie and Calvin had fun exploring the underside of a bench:

Katie and Ryan even helped push the stroller on the way back:

And found a hill to roll down. Actually, Katie was rolling down, but Ryan really wanted to roll UP, so that's what he did:

It's so nice having cousins around! We love you guys!


Lindsey Hicks said...

Wow. That table is gorgeous. Who knew Michael had all these secret talents?!

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

That was a life-saving walk yesterday. What a fabulous day! Those kids are hilarious. I especially loved Ryan's Herculean efforts to roll up that hill. :)

And gorgeous shelf, Michael. I'm so impressed.

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

And Katie couldn't stop talking about the fuzzy caterpillar yesterday. She told Grandpa, Abbey, and Hikaru about it on the phone.

Kelly said...

It looks beautiful, Michael!

The Ferrells said...

Love the pictures, especially Katie and Calvin peering under the bench. Looks so "family"!! Way to go--

Benjamin said...

Hey now... I helped with that awesome shelf thing!