Friday, September 25, 2009

Good Times

Things have been busy, but going very well around here lately. We had Michael's family in town visiting last weekend and the boys were in heaven. Christy and Hikaru had the hardest job, since they were around the most to entertain the kids, so thanks, guys! They really loved playing with you! And of course, Dad always gets roped into some kind of manual labor when he comes to visit, so what trip would be complete without loading, hauling and unloading a whole bunch of bricks for our (someday) patio? Thank you so much for your help! We had a great time with everybody, and we miss you all already!

My boys are in love with baby Jane. It makes me hopeful for the future. Specifically the 28-weeks-from-now future. Ryan just wants to hold her every time he sees her and gets this very sweet smile on his face whenever he does. Calvin, never to be outdone by his big brother, now also always wants to hold Jane, and I have to keep a pretty close watch on him, because if I let him he would do his best to pick her up and drag her around the house with him. Whenever they're around he just says "Baby! Baby! Baby!" over and over again. Jane left her hat on our couch yesterday and he saw it when he woke up from his nap and just about went berserk. Anyways, Jane, we sure do love you a lot!

Michael has been hard at work with his job, young mens' calling, side businesses, consulting, yard work and building a nice credenza-type table for our living room, and not to mention having to deal with crabby kids and a messy kitchen whenever I have reverted back to my not-feeling-well self, which thankfully, these days, is not that often. So thank you, Michael, for all of your hard work! You're the best.

We're looking forward to the birth of another niece, my sister Kelly's baby, who is scheduled to arrive one week from today! We're so excited to meet her! Now that Jane has been the guinea pig, Kelly, I think the boys are ready to love all over your new little baby!

Here are some great pictures of Michael and Ryan working on projects over the last few weeks, and of our fun morning with AnnaMarie, Katie and Jane yesterday. Enjoy!

This was soooo funny. Ryan was using all of his strength to carry all of this tool stuff in one trip. Just before we got to him (but not before I had time to take this picture...), he dropped the jar of screws all over the grass, poor guy.

Ryan really loves helping Michael on his projects. He idolizes his daddy.

Michael was outside working on the living room table and Ryan collected all the scarps and put them on this tree. When we asked him what he was doing, he said "building a manger for my Cowie!"

And I just REALLY like this picture. Oh, so that's where Calvin gets his "I'm completely confused" face from.

I love this picture of AnnaMarie and the girls. Katie is such a sweet girl.

I like this one too, with Katie in the background on our big stack of bricks.

Katie REALLY liked standing on those bricks!

Jane is alert a lot more now when we see her. Probably wondering what the heck is going on, poor girl.

What a sweet baby she is.

And the rest of the crazies, hanging out on the bricks.


AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

LOVE these pictures! Thanks for always having your camera at the ready! :) It was a great day at your house, that's for sure. I love the pic of Ryan with all his stuff, too. :)

Abbeyfan said...

These are great pictures ... and Michael is Mr. Handyman. He sure learned a lot from Carla! Keep up the good camera work!

Abbeyfan said...

These are great pictures ... and Michael is Mr. Handyman. He sure learned a lot from Carla! Keep up the good camera work!

Janelle Dobson said...

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