Monday, September 14, 2009

Calvin the Brick layer

We've been collecting bricks from Freecycle and Craigslist for a couple of weeks now, and tonight we tried some layouts to see how we could fit them all together.

Ryan promptly got into the spirit of things and started building a house. Ok. His house was only one brick high, but it had nice curved walls, and a 4 brick high garage wall.

After watching for a little while, Calvin decided to join in. These pictures might make it *look* like it was effortless for him, but believe me, every ounce of his strength was applied to lifting and moving the bricks. We made him stop after about 4 bricks, since he's so accident prone, and we didn't want any fingers getting smooshed.

"Eating dirt gives me the strength of a 3 year old!"

Check out my baby biceps....oh...I don't have any...

I'm posing for a Precious Moments mason statue


ALSO...while Ryan was building his house, a squirrel ran by. Previously, we sent him out to the yard to say hi to a bunny. The bunny ran away, and we explained that it was because Ryan was a stranger, and maybe he should introduce himself next time.

When the squirrel showed up, we said, "Ryan! there's a squirrel!". He literally threw his brick down and ran after the squirrel as fast as he could while yelling "WAIT, SQUIRREL, MY NAME IS RYAN! MY NAME IS RYAN!. HEY. MY NAME IS RYAN!".

We told him he did a good job, and to try again next time. :-D

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