Monday, September 28, 2009

Caroline is so lazy


Today I came home from work to find Caroline just finishing making a really nice home cooked meal.

She looked like this...

Because she had just been using this...

to make home-made noodle dough so she could make home made raviolis from scratch. Wait. Did I say lazy? I meant awesome.

Thanks Caroliney!

Replying to Twitter Comments

A couple of people asked about replying to tweets (Tweets is a dumb name....).

Here's your options.

1) A direct reply to Ryan (we'll check it for him...).

Visit Ryan's twitter profile and click the "message ryantalks" link on the right side of the page.

A direct reply will be visible only to us.

2) Reply in a tweet

You can also publicly reply to Ryan's message by visiting his twitter page and clicking the "Reply" arrow on any message. It'll send a tweet from YOUR twitter account, but we'll see it.

Here's a screenshot of where the options are...

(Usernames blanked out since it's not Ryan's profile...)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Picasa Flashbacks

We just installed Picasa, and it found all these photos we'd forgotten about. But seriously, how could we forget Calvin's face in this picture?
Posted by Picasa

Best. Picture. Ever.

Ok, so since I had no comments on my last post (Come on people! No comments?? I check like 10 times a day!) I am pulling out the big guns. This is pretty much my favorite picture of Ryan ever.

Ryan just started booking it towards him and the shark guy started running at Ryan, too. I feel like they should be in a field of flowers or something...

Friday, September 25, 2009

Good Times

Things have been busy, but going very well around here lately. We had Michael's family in town visiting last weekend and the boys were in heaven. Christy and Hikaru had the hardest job, since they were around the most to entertain the kids, so thanks, guys! They really loved playing with you! And of course, Dad always gets roped into some kind of manual labor when he comes to visit, so what trip would be complete without loading, hauling and unloading a whole bunch of bricks for our (someday) patio? Thank you so much for your help! We had a great time with everybody, and we miss you all already!

My boys are in love with baby Jane. It makes me hopeful for the future. Specifically the 28-weeks-from-now future. Ryan just wants to hold her every time he sees her and gets this very sweet smile on his face whenever he does. Calvin, never to be outdone by his big brother, now also always wants to hold Jane, and I have to keep a pretty close watch on him, because if I let him he would do his best to pick her up and drag her around the house with him. Whenever they're around he just says "Baby! Baby! Baby!" over and over again. Jane left her hat on our couch yesterday and he saw it when he woke up from his nap and just about went berserk. Anyways, Jane, we sure do love you a lot!

Michael has been hard at work with his job, young mens' calling, side businesses, consulting, yard work and building a nice credenza-type table for our living room, and not to mention having to deal with crabby kids and a messy kitchen whenever I have reverted back to my not-feeling-well self, which thankfully, these days, is not that often. So thank you, Michael, for all of your hard work! You're the best.

We're looking forward to the birth of another niece, my sister Kelly's baby, who is scheduled to arrive one week from today! We're so excited to meet her! Now that Jane has been the guinea pig, Kelly, I think the boys are ready to love all over your new little baby!

Here are some great pictures of Michael and Ryan working on projects over the last few weeks, and of our fun morning with AnnaMarie, Katie and Jane yesterday. Enjoy!

This was soooo funny. Ryan was using all of his strength to carry all of this tool stuff in one trip. Just before we got to him (but not before I had time to take this picture...), he dropped the jar of screws all over the grass, poor guy.

Ryan really loves helping Michael on his projects. He idolizes his daddy.

Michael was outside working on the living room table and Ryan collected all the scarps and put them on this tree. When we asked him what he was doing, he said "building a manger for my Cowie!"

And I just REALLY like this picture. Oh, so that's where Calvin gets his "I'm completely confused" face from.

I love this picture of AnnaMarie and the girls. Katie is such a sweet girl.

I like this one too, with Katie in the background on our big stack of bricks.

Katie REALLY liked standing on those bricks!

Jane is alert a lot more now when we see her. Probably wondering what the heck is going on, poor girl.

What a sweet baby she is.

And the rest of the crazies, hanging out on the bricks.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Guilty Conscience

So, I think Ryan has some underlying guilt issues for breaking Grandpa's garage door (for those of you who don't know the story, basically he pushed the stinkin' button so many time that the motor gave out). So tonight I found him putting magnetic letters on the side of the oven, and when I walked by he asked me if I knew what it said. I said I didn't, so Ryan read it to me. According to him, it said:

Dear Grandpa,

I'm sorry I broke your garage door. I won't wreckin' it again, and I
promise I won't break it or wreckin' it ever again. And when it gets
fixed I will only push it one time.

Love, Ryan

Thursday, September 17, 2009

You Need A Heart

Something about feeling better makes me want to blog a lot more frequently (probably because I'm paying attention to the hilarious things my kids do instead of lying on the couch wishing they would take naps so that I could be unconscious...). Anyways, Ryan is just keeping 'em coming today. Today so far he has told me that I am preposterous (he is three for crying out loud), and yelled over the fence to our neighbors at the top of his lungs, "HEY!!!!!!! DID YOU KNOW THAT MY GRANDMA IS VERY SPECIAL??" The best by far, however, was when Ryan and Calvin got out our set of paper punches. While Calvin was busy disassembling them, Ryan was sitting by himself punching out little heart shapes. I walked by and noticed he was singing so I listened in. He was completely making up his own tune and singing this:

"No matter what is in your heart (drawn out note, pause), no matter who you are (drawn out note, complete with a trip up and down the musical scale), no matter who your friends are (pause), no matter what (crescendo and then dramatic pause), you need a heart (tenderly), and then you'll be happy!"

There is nothing better than a sweet but completely wacky child. I love Ryan and all the fun that comes with him. Here are some pictures of the boys lovin' those punches right after the song:

You can't really see it, but Ryan is showing off a heart he just punched out:

Here's Calvin really excited about taking apart the punches and Ryan showing off the paper he punched the hearts out of:

My silly boys.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pictures of Jane

Here are some pictures from our visit with Jane today. Enjoy!

The Ferrell Family:

Katie was so sweet with her baby sister:

She was just so excited about every little baby Jane part:

Here she is snuggling her baby sister:

And hugging her...

All the Moore grandkids:

A Great Day

Today has been a great day! I have felt really good and energized and motivated today, which is wierd, because 1) that hasn't happened lately, 2) I'm watching 4 kids today, and 3) I got up in the middle of the night to run over to AnnaMarie and Tyler's house to watch Katie, which brings me to the next reason why today has been a great day...


Jane Carla Ferrell was born this morning at at 3:48 AM (which is amazing, because they left for the hospital around birthing genes just aren't up to par, aparrently...) and we went to visit her with the boys this morning. She is so beautiful! I just love her already. Congratulations, guys! Baby Jane, we are so happy to have you here!

Anyways, the good vibes all started yesterday after I had had a terrible afternoon feeling just miserable with a not-napping Calvin, and Michael came home with these for me:

Calla Lilies are my favorite, and Michael was just so sweet to surprise me with them. They are gorgeous. It really made my whole day so much better, and I ended up having a really nice evening with the boys and Michael, so thanks, honey! I even found the energy to give three much-needed haircuts. Here are the boys this morning with their new (ok, not new, they get the same ones everytime...) dos.

Anyways, I am just so glad to finally be feeling back to myself today that I had to share. Hooray for husbands! Hooray for flowers! Hooray for haircuts! Hooray for babies!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Calvin the Brick layer

We've been collecting bricks from Freecycle and Craigslist for a couple of weeks now, and tonight we tried some layouts to see how we could fit them all together.

Ryan promptly got into the spirit of things and started building a house. Ok. His house was only one brick high, but it had nice curved walls, and a 4 brick high garage wall.

After watching for a little while, Calvin decided to join in. These pictures might make it *look* like it was effortless for him, but believe me, every ounce of his strength was applied to lifting and moving the bricks. We made him stop after about 4 bricks, since he's so accident prone, and we didn't want any fingers getting smooshed.

"Eating dirt gives me the strength of a 3 year old!"

Check out my baby biceps....oh...I don't have any...

I'm posing for a Precious Moments mason statue


ALSO...while Ryan was building his house, a squirrel ran by. Previously, we sent him out to the yard to say hi to a bunny. The bunny ran away, and we explained that it was because Ryan was a stranger, and maybe he should introduce himself next time.

When the squirrel showed up, we said, "Ryan! there's a squirrel!". He literally threw his brick down and ran after the squirrel as fast as he could while yelling "WAIT, SQUIRREL, MY NAME IS RYAN! MY NAME IS RYAN!. HEY. MY NAME IS RYAN!".

We told him he did a good job, and to try again next time. :-D

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fantastic 5

Hey guys! Check out our new family portrait:

Who, you may ask, is that devastatingly handsome/breathtakingly beautiful white blob to Michael's right? If you guessed a smudgy fingerprint on my lens, you'd be wrong. Why, it's Moore baby #3! (from the 9 wk ultrasound--thus the other-worldliness)

So far Ryan wants a baby sister and wants to name her Christy, Cinderella, Heather or Abbey, in that order.

We're of course very excited for baby to arrive (especially me, because apparently during the last two pregnancies I was too busy to realize that being pregnant is not so fun). Ryan is ecstatic that we will be "a family of five persons!" and talks about it almost every day.

So that's the big news! Come early April we will be an official family of 5!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We finally got the Internet!

That's right. We've been mooching off the neighbors wifi for way too long.

We finally got the internet tonight! Do to a Comcast screw up, we're getting 12 months at the promo price instead of just 6. So that's happy, and we only had to wait a week longer than we should have to get hooked up.

So...if you're our video chatting friends, look for us to be online soon!

Monday, September 7, 2009

We finally got a Microwave!

Today we finally got a Microwave! If you don't remember (and why would you), there used to be a 1950s vent hood. It sill worked, but there wasn't a good place for a microwave. Yesterday there was a free microwave posting on a Minneapolis website, and I was the lucky first person to respond!

We picked it up this morning, and then the fun began...

Above, the original vent hood, before we had even moved in. Notice the yellow thing coming out behind it? That was a power strip. Like you'd use for computer or something. Someone had cut the plug off it, and hard wired it into the fan motor inside the vent hood. That meant that all the bacon grease and smoke of who knows how many years had coated the wiring of the thing.

We replaced it with a grounded socket outside the vent hood. The second problem we had was that the microwave's vent is off-center, and the vent hood went straight up. A bit of flexible vent tube and an 7inch to 6inch adapter, and we were in business.

After replacing the shelf in the cupboards, we were finally ready to mount the microwave. It might sound easy, but it took Caroline and I at least 8 hours. Next time we're just going to cap the vent and have it vent to the kitchen.

In the end, we were able to celebrate with our first microwave popcorn since we moved in. Hooray!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Living Room Table Update!


I took the day off to help out around the house today, since our furnace was getting installed (it's about 1/2 way installed now. One more day.).

Between taking the day off, and having finished some consulting last night at 2AM, I had time to do some more work on the table I'm making. Basically I routed tongue and groove joints between the side panels and the legs/cross supports. It was the most tedious part of the project since the joints had to be nice and straight or there would be big gaps around the side panels.

What remains is to cut the back boards, sand off pencil marks and smooth it all down, glue the joints and screw it all together, and then stain it.