Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Saturn! And Moons! And a Telescope!

Tonight Caroline was so kind as to stay up late with me. We were rewarded with getting to see Jupiter! We

Caroline has had this telescope for like 10 years. I don't know anything about telescopes, but it seems like a nice one. Maybe an advanced beginners scope? I don't know. It looks kind of like this, but without any computer hookups on it.

It was partly broken for a few years, so Ryan and I put it all back together a couple of weeks ago. When the moon is in out at a reasonable hour, I'll take Ryan out to go look at it.

This is basically the view we saw. Jupiter was bigger than the top of a pencil eraser, but smaller than a dime. We could also see 4 of its 63 moons. From left to right...Ganymede, Europa, Io, Callisto.

This picture is actually a screenshot from Stellarium. Stellarium lets you put in your longitude and latitude, and it will show you what's in the sky above you. You can fast forward and rewind time too, so you can figure out when you'll be able to see different things. It's got other cool features too, like showing you what constellations are where. It's free and it's pretty easy to use.

Caroline and I aren't really space nuts. We get bored looking at a stars through the telescope, because all that happens is that the little dot of light is a slightly brighter dot of light...maybe we're doing it wrong.

Tonight was fun though. It was pretty cool to actually see the stripes on Jupiter, and it was fun to have a nice little night out with Caroline.

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breckster said...

Reuben asked the other night if we could look at that the stars, unfortunately we live in the light pollution capital of the world and don't have many visible stars. So we promised that next time we visited family we would look at the stars.