Monday, August 31, 2009

Ode to Calvin

Calvin, despite his numerous and frequent injuries, is really a very funny guy. I decided that I needed to post a little "ode to Calvin" on all of my favorite funny things he is doing these days.

#1-- Dancing

See for yourself. Calvin dancing is a hilarious sight. He does a little baby headbang along to whatever music he hears, or even sometimes if he thinks he hears music, bends his knees and does little baby squats the whole time. He will pretty much do it on command, and it always always makes me laugh. You'll be a star at the stake dances, my friend. Those Mia Maids won't know what hit them.

#2--Saying Ryan's name

Also on my list of top favorite things Calvin does these days is saying Ryan's name. Like many of his words, no one else would probably have any idea what Calvin was saying when he tries to say "Ryan", but we do! Calvin gets a really excited look on his face and yells, "YAYA!" Calvin usually wakes up first in the mornings, and he'll be content to play or drink milk or something for about 10 minutes, then he'll start running around yelling "Yaya! Yaya! Yaya!" until I open the door and let him pounce his big brother. Ryan always gets a big goofy smile on his face whenever Calvin says his name.

#3--Wearing Big People Shoes

(This was taken with a really old camera, hence the crummy-ness)

Calvin insists on putting on my and Michael's shoes and walking around in them, which may or may not be contributing to his injuries :) Anyways, he looks so funny and would just wander around all day in them if he didn't get distracted by something else first.

What's on the not so funny, not so favorite things Calvin does list, you ask? His love for hitting people in the face, his new and fairly regular temper tantrums including foot stomping and high pitched screeching, and his fascination with both the toilet and and toilet bowl brush. But overall, we will definitely keep him! We love our funny little guy!

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Elizabeth said...

uggghhhhhhhhhh...... Those videos make me want to have more babies, so they can be best buddies like Ryan and Calvin... thanks a lot guys.