Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Living Room Table

Caroline is in Utah, so I'm tackling a couple of projects while she's away.

The first one was finishing getting the office organized, you saw the pictures in the previous post.

The second was to fix the piano. There was a key that wasn't working, so I disassembled a good portion of the piano, glued some joints back together, tightened some screws and cleaned out some dust, and now all the keys work. (And it's put back together). I still need to tune it, but I need to get a tuning wrench first.

The third project I'm trying to make progress on while she's gone is a living room table. This is my first big wood project, and it's coming along pretty well especially considering I don't have a table saw or band saw. Or a square. Or a workbench, vise, chisels or power sander. All the cuts have been done with a jigsaw my dad got me, and I've been using a pair of clamps to hold boards to the railing of the deck for cutting.

The big boards are nice maple plywood, and the smaller ones are solid maple. I'll post pictures of the finished project...once it's finished.

Hey look! Safety googles!

The bottom had to be tall enough for scrapbooks and records. It will have just under 15 inches of clearance between the shelves. The bottom shelf is 5 inches off the ground.


Caroline said...

Woooohoooo! Looks awesome, honey! Way to go!

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Wow, no wonder you don't have time to come to dinner at our house. (If you're hungry, on the menu this week is crispy tofu & vegetables, chicken & sausage gumbo, and fish tacos.

ThePalmers said...

Wow- that's awesome! But I wouldn't call this your first big wood project- didn't you make a boat once? (And it actually was usable!)

Amber said...

Cool. Especially considering the lack of tools.