Saturday, August 15, 2009


Hey all, I'm pretty bad at keeping people informed of what's going on in my life these days, but we're coming to Utah today, so if you are there too, call me! Or email me! Anyways, Ryan has been so excited for this trip for weeks and we are very glad to be going for a visit.

Things have been great around here lately. I feel more on top of stuff at home, which has been nice. We've been getting creative with inexpensive and/or healthy foods around here (hooray for budgeting!) and the results have been surprisingly really good! The Chicken Rataouille deserves a post in and of itself, so I'll save that for later. And homemade tortillas have recently become my best friend.

So, yesterday we went to the beach with some friends from our ward, and it was a lot of fun. Besides my getting like a 3rd degree sunburn. Awesome! Anyways, the boys had such a great time and lasted a lot longer than I thought they would. I had a lot of fun, too, once I tried hard enough to overlook all the goose droppings. Anyways, here are some pictures of the fun:

Thought I'd start with this one and explain my seemingly battered child, before you call CPS on me. The black eye is from a run-in with a wooden block at a friend's house and the bandaid is from him falling over on the sidewalk and scratching his head up. At least he's still happy!

One happy Ryan!

Of course Calvin loved playing in the sand. As always, he ended up eating it by the fistful. I shudder to think how much ground up goose droppings he probably ingested. SO gross.

This is Ryan and his friend Adam playing "turtle". This occupied them for over an hour. They just crawled/swam around in the shallow water and said they were turtles. Go figure!

Happy as a turtle can be!

Calvin testing out the water:

Ryan blew up that beach ball all by himself. He was very very proud.

Calvin loved that shovel. He carried it around almost the whole time:

And his favorite game was throwing this ball in the water and having me run chase it down, since the wind would blow it right away:

I just think this one is cute:

Calvin and the PBJ aftermath:

Oh, and I had to throw this one in. Abbey brought us back boiled egg moulds in the shape of a car and a fish from Japan and we tried them out last week. Ryan loved loved loved them! Thanks, Abbey!

In other news, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, ANNAMARIE AND TYLER! And HAPPY LATE ANNIVERSARY KEN AND KELLY! Smooth sailing from here on out, guys. I'm pretty sure.


Abbeyfan said...

"HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, ANNAMARIE AND TYLER! And HAPPY LATE ANNIVERSARY KEN AND KELLY! Smooth sailing from here on out, guys. I'm pretty sure."

What, it's been pretty choppy waters up to now?

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...
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AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Yep, pretty choppy. Thanks for sharing some pictures with us before you left. We'll miss you lots. Have a great time!

Caroline said...

Well, you know, that Katie....

Sharesa Larsen said...

How long are you in Utah? Probably not till Labor day, but if you are we will be there too! We really miss you guys! Hope that all with the house is going good, if you need advice or have questions, just call Creed is an expert (wink, wink!)