Sunday, August 16, 2009

Brazil Room

Caroline was kind enough to let me decorate the office however I wanted (as long as she OKed it).

I just hung many of my souvenirs from Brazil on the walls. Most of the things I got when I was an exchange student in Brazil during high school, and some of them I got while I was there as a missionary from 2001-2003.

There are one too many file cabinets in the room, but we didn't know where else to put them!

From the door way / right wall
From left to right: Shaker (instrument), bow and arrow, Brazillian flag, reed baskets with nicknacks in them.

Back wall
From left to right: Political flag for Lula from when he was running for president, old São Paulo license plate.

Left wall
From left to right: Tourism poster for the Amazons, long bow from the Amazons with two arrows.

Front wall / doorway with a tourism poster for the Northeast of Brazil. Across the front of the poster is a Berimbau and the white cordão (like a belt in Karate) that I got when I was in a capoeira group.


Caroline said...

Wow, looking good, honey! You've been working hard! We miss you!

Elizabeth said...

Erik wants to know where his 2 framed pictures are fitting into your office (or the whole house)decorating.

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Good job, Michael. You can put the other filing cabinet in the basement someday.

Justin said...

chique no urtimo cara--queria ter uma casa para fazer o mesmo!

Beth said...

Adorei a sala brasileira.... a bandeira do lula...voce levou isso?rsrs . ficou muito bonita mesmo...

Beth said...
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