Monday, August 31, 2009

Ode to Calvin

Calvin, despite his numerous and frequent injuries, is really a very funny guy. I decided that I needed to post a little "ode to Calvin" on all of my favorite funny things he is doing these days.

#1-- Dancing

See for yourself. Calvin dancing is a hilarious sight. He does a little baby headbang along to whatever music he hears, or even sometimes if he thinks he hears music, bends his knees and does little baby squats the whole time. He will pretty much do it on command, and it always always makes me laugh. You'll be a star at the stake dances, my friend. Those Mia Maids won't know what hit them.

#2--Saying Ryan's name

Also on my list of top favorite things Calvin does these days is saying Ryan's name. Like many of his words, no one else would probably have any idea what Calvin was saying when he tries to say "Ryan", but we do! Calvin gets a really excited look on his face and yells, "YAYA!" Calvin usually wakes up first in the mornings, and he'll be content to play or drink milk or something for about 10 minutes, then he'll start running around yelling "Yaya! Yaya! Yaya!" until I open the door and let him pounce his big brother. Ryan always gets a big goofy smile on his face whenever Calvin says his name.

#3--Wearing Big People Shoes

(This was taken with a really old camera, hence the crummy-ness)

Calvin insists on putting on my and Michael's shoes and walking around in them, which may or may not be contributing to his injuries :) Anyways, he looks so funny and would just wander around all day in them if he didn't get distracted by something else first.

What's on the not so funny, not so favorite things Calvin does list, you ask? His love for hitting people in the face, his new and fairly regular temper tantrums including foot stomping and high pitched screeching, and his fascination with both the toilet and and toilet bowl brush. But overall, we will definitely keep him! We love our funny little guy!

Friday, August 28, 2009

The Moon!

So, since Jupiter is old news now, tonight we got out the telescope and looked at the moon! I think it's really a pretty fun thing to do together, just the two of us, out in the yard. You can see crazy detail with that thing, and it was so much fun that we broke out the cameras and tried to take some pictures through the eyepiece. Here is our best one, although it doesn't really do it justice.

In other news, Calvin is the most accident-prone child I have ever met, and after Ryan, that is REALLY saying something. 2 weeks ago he started out looking fit as a fiddle, then he fell down on the cement outside our house, then got the black eye from the friend and his wooden block (I already blogged about these two), then, just as those were healing, he whacked his poor little head on a sliding door going full speed and got a goose egg that stuck out literally about an inch and a half from his face--so much that the swelling, not the hitting of the door, split his skin--just in time for church. Then when that one was almost better, yesterday he got put down by someone (I won't name names, but it starts with a "T" and ends with a "yler") on the first step out to our deck and then fell over down the second step and somehow completely scratched up the skin on his nose and gave him a bloody nose, too (don't feel bad, "T" "yler", most of the rest of them were basically all my fault...). Then, to top it off, today he was chasing around what I thought was a fly until he started screaming. Upon closer inspection I realized it was a bee, and it had stung him right on his cute little finger. Oh, and that was after he threw up all over himself in the car. That poor kid. He just can't catch a break.

Here he is with his sad nose, helping Michael with some crescent wrenches:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Saturn! And Moons! And a Telescope!

Tonight Caroline was so kind as to stay up late with me. We were rewarded with getting to see Jupiter! We

Caroline has had this telescope for like 10 years. I don't know anything about telescopes, but it seems like a nice one. Maybe an advanced beginners scope? I don't know. It looks kind of like this, but without any computer hookups on it.

It was partly broken for a few years, so Ryan and I put it all back together a couple of weeks ago. When the moon is in out at a reasonable hour, I'll take Ryan out to go look at it.

This is basically the view we saw. Jupiter was bigger than the top of a pencil eraser, but smaller than a dime. We could also see 4 of its 63 moons. From left to right...Ganymede, Europa, Io, Callisto.

This picture is actually a screenshot from Stellarium. Stellarium lets you put in your longitude and latitude, and it will show you what's in the sky above you. You can fast forward and rewind time too, so you can figure out when you'll be able to see different things. It's got other cool features too, like showing you what constellations are where. It's free and it's pretty easy to use.

Caroline and I aren't really space nuts. We get bored looking at a stars through the telescope, because all that happens is that the little dot of light is a slightly brighter dot of light...maybe we're doing it wrong.

Tonight was fun though. It was pretty cool to actually see the stripes on Jupiter, and it was fun to have a nice little night out with Caroline.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Living Room Table

Caroline is in Utah, so I'm tackling a couple of projects while she's away.

The first one was finishing getting the office organized, you saw the pictures in the previous post.

The second was to fix the piano. There was a key that wasn't working, so I disassembled a good portion of the piano, glued some joints back together, tightened some screws and cleaned out some dust, and now all the keys work. (And it's put back together). I still need to tune it, but I need to get a tuning wrench first.

The third project I'm trying to make progress on while she's gone is a living room table. This is my first big wood project, and it's coming along pretty well especially considering I don't have a table saw or band saw. Or a square. Or a workbench, vise, chisels or power sander. All the cuts have been done with a jigsaw my dad got me, and I've been using a pair of clamps to hold boards to the railing of the deck for cutting.

The big boards are nice maple plywood, and the smaller ones are solid maple. I'll post pictures of the finished project...once it's finished.

Hey look! Safety googles!

The bottom had to be tall enough for scrapbooks and records. It will have just under 15 inches of clearance between the shelves. The bottom shelf is 5 inches off the ground.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Brazil Room

Caroline was kind enough to let me decorate the office however I wanted (as long as she OKed it).

I just hung many of my souvenirs from Brazil on the walls. Most of the things I got when I was an exchange student in Brazil during high school, and some of them I got while I was there as a missionary from 2001-2003.

There are one too many file cabinets in the room, but we didn't know where else to put them!

From the door way / right wall
From left to right: Shaker (instrument), bow and arrow, Brazillian flag, reed baskets with nicknacks in them.

Back wall
From left to right: Political flag for Lula from when he was running for president, old São Paulo license plate.

Left wall
From left to right: Tourism poster for the Amazons, long bow from the Amazons with two arrows.

Front wall / doorway with a tourism poster for the Northeast of Brazil. Across the front of the poster is a Berimbau and the white cordão (like a belt in Karate) that I got when I was in a capoeira group.

A berry-pickin' good time!

Well, here we are in Utah, and we are having a great time! The kids can't get enough of Grandma and Grandpa's house. Today after church, a quick trip to the urgent care for some stitches (sorry, Ev) and naps, we took the kids outside to pick berries in mom and dad's berry patch in the back yard, and boy did they have fun. Here are some fun pictures:

Ryan helping pick berries with Grandpa and Grandma:

Kelly and Luke in the berry patch:

Ryan showing off his spoils:

Grandma picking berries:

Grandpa picking the hard-to-get-to berries:

Kelly and me doing the dirty work:

Ryan and me with our berries:

Evie (and her stitches) showing off her berries:

Calvin LOVED the blackberries. I love the string of drool connecting Calvin to his berry in this picture:

Grandma showing Calvin the ropes:

My favorite picture--Calvin showing me a flower he picked:

Calvin also loved the popsicles:

Grandma and Ryan picking peas:

Happy Luke:

Then the boys rediscovered the water fountain...which led to a water fight...

Then of course Grandpa got involved:

Love this one of Luke running away from Grandpa's hose:

The boys and I also got to go see Liz and Erik and meet sweet baby Elliot. Ryan LOVED holding him and Elliot and Liz were both very brave:

The Anderson Family! SO cute!

Anyways, we're having lots of fun. More updates to come. WE MISS YOU MICHAEL!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Hey all, I'm pretty bad at keeping people informed of what's going on in my life these days, but we're coming to Utah today, so if you are there too, call me! Or email me! Anyways, Ryan has been so excited for this trip for weeks and we are very glad to be going for a visit.

Things have been great around here lately. I feel more on top of stuff at home, which has been nice. We've been getting creative with inexpensive and/or healthy foods around here (hooray for budgeting!) and the results have been surprisingly really good! The Chicken Rataouille deserves a post in and of itself, so I'll save that for later. And homemade tortillas have recently become my best friend.

So, yesterday we went to the beach with some friends from our ward, and it was a lot of fun. Besides my getting like a 3rd degree sunburn. Awesome! Anyways, the boys had such a great time and lasted a lot longer than I thought they would. I had a lot of fun, too, once I tried hard enough to overlook all the goose droppings. Anyways, here are some pictures of the fun:

Thought I'd start with this one and explain my seemingly battered child, before you call CPS on me. The black eye is from a run-in with a wooden block at a friend's house and the bandaid is from him falling over on the sidewalk and scratching his head up. At least he's still happy!

One happy Ryan!

Of course Calvin loved playing in the sand. As always, he ended up eating it by the fistful. I shudder to think how much ground up goose droppings he probably ingested. SO gross.

This is Ryan and his friend Adam playing "turtle". This occupied them for over an hour. They just crawled/swam around in the shallow water and said they were turtles. Go figure!

Happy as a turtle can be!

Calvin testing out the water:

Ryan blew up that beach ball all by himself. He was very very proud.

Calvin loved that shovel. He carried it around almost the whole time:

And his favorite game was throwing this ball in the water and having me run chase it down, since the wind would blow it right away:

I just think this one is cute:

Calvin and the PBJ aftermath:

Oh, and I had to throw this one in. Abbey brought us back boiled egg moulds in the shape of a car and a fish from Japan and we tried them out last week. Ryan loved loved loved them! Thanks, Abbey!

In other news, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, ANNAMARIE AND TYLER! And HAPPY LATE ANNIVERSARY KEN AND KELLY! Smooth sailing from here on out, guys. I'm pretty sure.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

One Down...

BIG NEWS around the Moore household this week. I finished decorating a room! Now, for a little before and after jaunt down memory lane....

Ahhh, yes, the ugly grey paint. How I miss it!

And who could forget the freaky doll border with like a million scary looking dolls staring right at you? Not me, not me.

But, all good things must end, and so we have moved on to this:

I'm really happy with the way it turned out, and it's nice to have even just one room all done! In what turned out to be one of the smartest moves of the century, I asked my parents for an Ikea gift card for my birthday last year since I couldn't think of anything I wanted. Then I saved most of it, thinking that at some point we would have a house to decorate and we would still be poor, and I WAS RIGHT! Thank you Mom and Dad, and thank you Ikea "As Is" section! That rug has nothing wrong with it at was marked down to $5 from $40. And the toy shelf I got for $6. Love it! Yay!