Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Hello, everyone! Sorry it has been awhile since I posted, but I have been busy! Like Michael said, we got the house last week, which was so so so so exciting. We are so very grateful to all of our incredible family who helped us out and took us in while we waited and waited, so THANK YOU! And I owe you all, big time.

It is so great to have our own space again and to have all our stuff back! Seriously, the boys had a heyday with all of their old toys. They are loving life right now. Since they have been sharing a room for the last few months, we decided to put them together so that we could have an office/guest room up here. They have a lot of fun--too much fun, actually. Ryan keeps Calvin awake for way too long, so we started trying to get Ryan to fall asleep in our bed or the guest bed. He refused, so we started giving him the following choices: our bed, the office bed or the tile entry way in the living room (we never actually intended him to sleep there, we just assumed that giving him that choice would make him choose one of the beds) and guess where he falls asleep most nights? That's right, the entryway. Seriously, any tips on making them fall asleep in the same room? 11:00 is just too late in my book.

Anyways, they love to play in their closet and run around in the fenced in back yard and play the piano (that we got for FREE!). I'll have to post some pictures of everything soon, but that will have to wait for another day. And I love actually being able to work on stuff in my own house! Oh man, that first day after we bought it, Michael went to work, and Saint AnnaMarie took my boys for the day, and I do mean the day--7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, and I CLEANED. I thought it looked pretty clean already, but upon closer inspection I realized that it really needed some help. So guess what, Sharesa? I bought a shark! And let me tell you, it was so worth it. I mopped the floors and walls with Lysol just to make me feel better and then I went to work with Mr. Shark. And voila! After a full day of scrubbing and steam blasting, our house was sooooo much better.

Then we got some help from Ken and Tyler and a friend from our new ward and got everything moved in last Wednesday and had our first night in our new home. Hooray! It's been a long haul, but it's great to have it behind us and be settling in. So now I just have to figure out decorating on a dime and we'll be all set! Any tips in this department would also be appreciated. And when I say a dime, that's not really an exaggeration.

So, of course, Ryan has been funny lately. The button to our garage door was right where he could reach it and Michael's first order of business was to move it up high so he didn't burn the motor out (sorry again, Grandpa!). But he still talks about it every day and ensures that everyone who comes over sees the garage 3 times.

For the last couple of days we have been spending a little time over at AnnaMarie's house with the family because James was about to leave for Peru (he entered the MTC today!) and each time when it would get to be about dinner time he would start freaking out saying "I want to sleep in our new house! I don't want to sleep at AnnaMarie's house!" It's nothing personal AnnaMarie, I think he is just really loving having his space and his TOYS!

And today Ryan was sitting around in the living room and looked up at me and said "Mom, I wish Jesus wasn't in heaven, I wish He was here. Because then He could come to our house and sleep on our couch or something....Oh! And I could show Him our garage door, right? Is that the plan? Wouldn't that be so happy?"

And of course Calvin has been a funny guy, too. He loves to bring me his shoes now and yell something that sort of resembles the word "shoes" and run to the back door. He loves to play outside, gather rocks and sticks out of the yard and make a little pile on our deck. He is very proud of himself every time and yells "Good Job!" followed by a round of applause for himself. He is definitely a sweetheart, but also so much more of a tantrum-thrower than Ryan ever was. I am pretty sure he will be much more of a handful than Ryan was/is, but he also loves to give hugs and kisses and is much more snuggly than Ryan ever was. He is definitely a funny, emotional sweetheart.

Anyways, I will post some pictures soon! Happy belated 4th of July to everyone!


Elizabeth said...

A new house, a Shark, and a free piano???
Lucky duck!

Michael said...

She didn't even mention the free lawn mower!

Sharesa Larsen said...

Congrats on the house, shark, free piano and lawn mower! Yikes what a busy week! We miss you guys but we are so excited about all that is happening for you guys.

J. Foster said...

Congrats on the new place. Decorating on a dime (or maybe a little more, say a quarter) try IKEA. I am in love with that place. They are online too.