Saturday, July 18, 2009

Elder Moore!

So, James entered the MTC on the 8th, and the boys and I decided to send our very first care package to Elder Moore on Wednesday. I've never had a missionary in the family, so I think this is fun! So, we made him some cookies and wrote some letters and sent them off. Ryan had so much fun making the cookies and eating the dough. Check out our cookies:

Ryan very excited about cracking an egg all by himself:

Cracking the egg...

Doing a little quality assurance:

Calvin getting in on the action:

Finished Product!

It says "We heart you, Elder Moore"

And in honor of Elder Moore, Ryan also wrote real letters and words for the very first time, which was pretty cute. Now every time I refer to him as "James", Ryan corrects me and says, "No, Mom, we call him Elder Moore now."

Here's Ryan, hard at work on the letter. As you can see, I wrote it out for him on a separate paper and he did his best to copy the letters:

Here is his 2 page letter! It says "Elder Moore, I Love You, Ryan."

We are so excited for James and Ryan is even getting excited to be a missionary, just like Elder Moore. We miss him already!

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Abbey said...

Ahh, that is so sweet!:D It makes me want to send a care package too! Maybe once I get back home.