Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The 3 Amigos!

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So, Katie is hanging out with us this week while AnnaMarie is helping a friend at a scrapbooking tradeshow in Orlando this week, and the kids are seriously having so much fun! It is probably mostly because Benjamin and Christy are here entertaining them for the week, too! Kaite has been easier than my own kids, for crying out loud. She sends herself to bed, tells me when she needs a nap, only cries in the pack and play when she wants more milk and so far has only really freaked out because I was in her room tucking her in to bed and she wanted me to leave, so I did, and problem solved! She has been great, and Christy and Benjamin have been so helpful. Besides watching the kids and cleaning up, Benjamin volunteered to clean out our gutters today and Christy braved the nasty bugs and dirt and took off all of our basement insulation for us. Can you guys stay forever, please? If I ask really nicely?

Anyways, we took a walk to the park by our house yesterday with the kiddos and got some seriously great pictures. Here they are!

Ryan got to ride his tricycle to the park. He said, "Mom, this is my very favorite thing!"

Katie gives Calvin lots of hugs. He really adores her!

Love this one:

Hanging out on the whale toy:

One of my favorites:

Katie loved having Christy push her in the swing:

I love this one of Calvin. He loves to stick that tongue out.

On the slides:

Katie's such a beautiful girl, I love her!

And just to put you at ease, AnnaMarie, here is a delirously-happy-Katie picture:

Oh, and an added bonus to having Katie around? I get to do pig tails!

She's just so adorable, I can hardly stand it. We love having her here, AnnaMarie, and she really is having a great time!

So, in other news, last weekend my whole Walton family came into town and we drove 4 hours to the Wisconsin Dells and stayed in a couple of really nice condos for 3 days and had soooooo much fun. However, all of the pictures are on Kelly's camera, since I forgot mine, so I will have to do a post about that later. Anyways, we have been having tons of fun, and we are especially excited to have Katie, Christy and Benjamin here, and especially ESPECIALLY excited to have Abbey come home from Japan on Saturday. YAY!


Abbeyfan said...

1. Maybe you should put a picture up of Katie crying so AnnaMarie doesn't feel bad about leaving her and her being so darn happy all the time.

2. Pig tails. If you let Ryan grow his hair out, you could put pig tails on him.

Oh well, just a couple of thoughts. You can take them or leave them.

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

THANK YOU for taking such good care of Katie. I know she is having a fabulous time, because when Tyler picked her up, as soon as they got in the car, she said she wanted to see Caroline. I am totally at ease, but jealous of (a) all the fun (b) that she asked to go take a nap, and (c) that she sleeps so well for you. Maybe this is just what she needed.

Caroline said...

:) Maybe, but so far, no luck on the potty training. I do still have 3 more days.....

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Just looking at the cute kid pics one more time before leaving for the convention center this morning. Thanks for posting them! Hope you have a GREAT day!

Abbey said...

Yay for coming home on Saturday. I scare myself everytime I say that outloud (or type it). I really am coming home!

Elizabeth said...

Sorry my phone cut out when we were talking the other day! :(
I am so excited to see you guys soon!!!