Saturday, June 20, 2009

This one's for you, Liz

So my good friend Liz reminded me that I need to put new posts up on our blog. I have been dragging my blog feet, so to speak, for a very long time. I guess I have just been holding out for more energy but that hasn't happened yet, so might as well bite the bullet. This one's for you, Liz.

So, our lives have been pretty stagnant this last couple of weeks. Except for all the trips back and forth between Ironwood and Minneapolis. We've been hoping against hope that we could close on our house early, but alas, no such luck. But we are in the home stretch--we close on this coming Thursday! Still for the last few weeks we've been stuck in that no man's land between excitement over having our offer accepted and waiting to be excited over being homeowners.

So, Michael has still been working in Spring Lake Park, which means if we were staying at my sister's house it's an hour long commute, basically. So, when AnnaMarie and Tyler moved into their apartment 2 weeks ago, guess who the big jerks were that descended on their new place? Oh yeah, us. I feel like such a schmo, preying on the kindness of every friend and family member we possibly can. AnnaMarie, I seriously can't believe that you guys haven't kicked us out yet! Thank you for letting us stay!

I try to leave every few days and go somewhere else to give people some space, so it's usually been a trip up to Ironwood in order to give AnnaMarie a break, but it's a 5 hour trip and that's a pretty hefty gas bill when you're making the trip 2 to 4 times per week. So, I think we're here for the home stretch, although right now we are actually at my sister Kelly's house (you are also a saint, thank you!) so at least AnnaMarie won't have to deal with us for another 24 hours! (P.S. Can you tell I feel bad? I hope so!)

Anyways, we've really been having so much fun with AnnaMarie, Tyler and Katie. Their apartment has an awesome pool and exercise area and we've been loving taking the kids to the pool every day. Ryan and Calvin both love Katie to death, and Katie is being a very good sport about all the yelling, toy stealing and bossy-ness. She is at such a fun age. I'm excited for Calvin to get there. It's also been a lot of fun having Luke and Evie around. That girl loves to sing, and it is so so funny to watch her sing "I know you" from sleeping beauty. SO FUNNY! I'm so excited that our boys will have their little cousins around to play with for the next few years at least.

Also, my brother in law James went through the temple today. It was a great experience to be there with him. Congratulations, James! We're proud of you! You will make a great missionary!

Funny Ryan story from tonight, really quickly (Oh, Liz, I am hoping this will make you laugh hard enough to finally put you into labor). So, at Ken and Kelly's house we have been putting the boys to bed in Ken's office. Calvin sleeps in the pack and play in there and Ryan sleeps on some blankets on the floor next to the unbelievably tempting roll-top desk. Every night we are here he has to be told about a million times to not touch the desk and to go to sleep. So tonight Michael and I put the boys to bed and then spent a while playing the piano and singing songs together (which was really really fun!). After a while we heard the office door open and heard Ryan run across the hall and go into the bathroom and close the door. We decided to go over there and stand in front of the door so we would surprise him when we came out. Here is what we heard from the door:

"Oh, hello keys (as he picks up my car keys--with the car remote button thing on them--from off of the counter). I won't even push any of your buttons......Except.....lock, unlock. Lock, unlock. Lock, unlock. Lock, unlock....(this goes on for quite a while as he locks and unlocks the car over and over again from the bathroom)."

"(Pullup crinkling in the background as he tries to put it back on) No, no, foot, you go in one hole, and the other foot goes in the other hole. There."

Then the door opens and Ryan stares up at us with his i-know-i'm-in-trouble-but-i-will-still-smile-in-hopes-of-getting-of-the-hook look with my car keys in his hand. I ask "Ryan, what are you doing with those?"

Ryan says "I was just going to unlo... (then the awareness of getting in trouble dawns on him)...Nothing!"

We start laughing at him and since he now knows he won't get in too much trouble he says, "I was just going to use it to unlock Ken's desk."

He's a funny boy. Michael and i thoroughly enjoy laughing at the ridiculous things he does.

So, a couple of weeks ago while we were all up in Ironwood, we took the kids to a petting zoo, and they seriously loved it! So of course we have some great pictures...probably way too many great pictures...but hey, when it rains, it pours! So, enjoy!

Calvin got pretty up-close and personal with this wierd albino deer...

Ryan, checking out it's enormous ears.

Calvin and Katie with Uncle Benjamin and Aunt Christy

Katie in a tunnel!

I love this one of Michael and Tyler with the kids

Ryan started begging for a bunny to bring home with us after holding this one. *sigh* It's starting...but he was making an awfully cute face, so it was almost hard to say no.

Ryan with more bunnies

The goats were pretty friendly and the boys loved them.

This is Ryan's new jacknife pose that he does whenever he sees something on the ground that he needs a better look at.

Calvin and a sleeping baby goat. Let's just say Calvin isn't exactly "patting" it on the head here. It didn't sleep much longer.

And here's a goat eating Michael's shirt. Great!

Love these ones of Ryan and Grandpa. Ryan knows how things work.

He used Grandpa's pocket change to buy a bottle of "bear juice" which he personally fed to a grizzly, with Grandpa's help. The bear seemed very grateful.


AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Good post! First of all, I LOVE the jackknife pose. :)

Second, I love the story about Ryan in the bathroom.

Third, I love this time that we get to spend together every day. It DOES get a little crazy/whiny, but let's be honest, Katie gets like that on her own just as much. I'm sure I'll be missing it when we live 15 whole minutes away from each other! :) Thanks for all your help, and DO NOT FEEL BAD! Love ya!

Sharesa Larsen said...

I LOVE this post! I miss you guys so much and I hope all goes well with the closing this week! Good luck with the move too!

Elizabeth said...

I feel so honored!
And I really did like the Ryan story, I had to read it aloud to Erik. Unfortunately still no baby... tell Ryan to kick it up a notch, and maybe we'll see what happens, lol.