Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Really Good Night

So, we didn't close on Tuesday, which was a bummer to say the least. The underwriters on the loan required that a couple of repairs be done before closing. But the good news is, the seller offered to pay for the repairs, which apparently doesn't happen often with bank owned homes, so that is exciting. Our new closing date is set for Tuesday, and I really really really hope it doesn't change!

So we spent a couple more days at AnnaMarie and Tyler's house, which was lots of fun. AnnaMarie has been trying some awesome new recipes this week and it's been really fun to do. I need to try new recipes more often. She has a whole recipe box full of recipes to try, which I think I am going to have to do once we get settled. And we've been having a lot of fun at parks and pools with the kids, although yesterday Ryan was so crazy and naughty that we couldn't take it anymore and had to get out of the house by 8:30 AM. It was a very good decision on our part, because sure enough the kids wore themselves out and took great naps. I told AnnaMarie that I was pretty sure if we hadn't gone out that Ryan would have been in time out all day. And sadly that's really not an exaggeration.

Tonight we are at Ken and Kelly's house and since Ryan was so naughty with that darn roll top desk last time, he is now sleeping in the basement with us. We were upstairs tonight after putting the boys to bed, and after a while we heard some loud thumping noises from downstairs. So, Michael asked in a loud voice, "Ryan bear, whatcha doin' down there?" To which a very not tired sounding Ryan replied, "I'm just loving you a lot down here."

Speaking of not tired sounding Ryans, it is 11:00 PM and Ryan is still not asleep--in bed, but not sleep. Why, you may ask? Because he took his nap from 5:00 to 7:30 PM! I know, I know, we could have just kept him up, not had him nap, and put him to bed early, but he was so horribly grumpy that honestly we were just glad to finally have him unconscious for a little while (is that mean?).

But since he was waking up at about the time that Calvin was going to bed, we had a lot of quality time with him tonight, which was nice. We had a fire with Ken, Kelly, Luke and Evie and we made s'mores with fun size snickers bars instead of chocolate-wow, it was good. Then Kelly headed off to work and Ken went out to the garage to work on some things, and I wanted to help clean up a bit and do some laundry, so Michael and Ryan played together for a long time. It was so fun listening in while I was upstairs. Michael is such a great daddy and Ryan just loves doing things with him. It was just a really nice night.

I love this picture of my happy boys:

And this one of Ryan...I think in this one he was sad because he thought I was going to take one of his stickers:

A few weeks ago I took the boys to a waterfall in Minneapolis. It was beautiful!

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Sharesa Larsen said...

At least you know why your child is awake at that hour of night. Sarah is usually awake even if she doesn't take a nap. It is driving us crazy!