Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy (Late) Fathers Day!

We had a lovely fathers' day here in Minnesota! We had breakfast at AnnaMarie's house with grandpa and the gang, which was really nice. Then after church we headed to Ken and Kelly's house to spend the afternoon there and eat dinner with them. Kelly is such a good cook! Man, Kelly, I can't even believe you have time to do everything that you do in your life, including making delicious meals! Anyways, back to fathers. It was a delicious meal and we had a great time celebrating the fathers in our lives. Dad, Dad-in-law, and Michael, thank you for being such great fathers to your children. I've learned so much from each of you and love you all!

For fathers day I helped the boys record some songs for Michael and the grandpas and oh my, it was hillarious. I have two favorites. One is an original composition by Ryan where I asked him to make up a song about Michael. He responded with his own unique little tune and the words, "I like to play music with him, and when he tells me bedtime stories, I really like that! But today is a special day! And I like him helping me...playing his accordian, and now I like doing garage doors with him,and trying to help him get a job!"

Since I couldn't figure out how to just post the song, here is a video of Ryan listening to the song, just so you can hear it for yourself.

My other favorite was a song that Ryan sang about how he loves his grandpa. He let our a belch mid-song and kept right on singing. Nice. I don't think you all need to hear that one to appreciate it, so I won't post it :)

Anyways, we had a great fathers day, and I hope all of you did, too!

Here are some pictures from a little photo shoot I did a few weeks ago. Enjoy!

Calvin is such a sweet boy, and getting crazier and bigger all the time!

Katie and Calvin are getting to be good buddies. I love this picture! Katie is so nice to him!

I know, Katie. I feel that way too sometimes.

Ryan, pretending to lovingly bite his baby brother on the head.

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