Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fishing Opening Day

Today was fishing opening day in Wisconsin. Here's Ryan with the catch of the day.

They had a big kids fishing event at Weber Lake near Hurley, WI. They had a free drawing for prizes. They had a bb-gun, a small shotgun, lots of fishing poles, hats, etc. Ryan was the lucky winner of the Daisy Pink 1998 BB gun. He was very very very excited that they "drew" his name. He said "I'm a lucky ducky".

I put drew in quotes because of a misunderstanding Ryan had with how the process worked. When he asked about the prizes next to the free hot dog line I told him "They have to draw your name, and then you get one of them"
He asked "Draw it with a pencil?"
Me: "No, they will draw it out of the bucket."
Ryan: "They will draw it with a pen?"

Anyways, we unboxed it when we got home. Here's a couple of shots with us two. The bb gun I have was won for me by my grandpa when I was 6 or 7, at a Ducks Unlimited raffle.

Anyways, to any of you guys who are having the gun conversation with your wife, I think a good way to make a little headway is for your kid to win a free gun when she's not around and get the kid really excited about it.

She won't have the heart to take it least till the kid forgets about it.


AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

That is the funniest thing since I found out Abbey is going to play Commodore Perry in her sports festival. I love love love that it is pink and he's so dang proud of it. Yay for winners of raffles!

Ben and Anna Bigelow said...

What a lucky kid...a masculine, and yet pink, so feminine. I love the excited look on his face like he's just going to burst!! It's the same look James got when he got a pop gun for Christmas. Behind the smile is so much mischief!

Bart said...

Awesome for him. I had to wait until I was 8 to get a bb gun. And I still wasn't really ready for it! :)

Elizabeth said...

Yikes. Nevermind... you guys don't need to move to St Louis... Ryan was already dangerous enough with the squirt bottle! Haha!

Michael said...

Liz: Oh, don't worry. We've been going over gun safety like crazy.

Bigelows: At least with a pink gun if someone insults his manliness he can just shoot them (jk). The pink parts are both wood and both look like they'll come off pretty easily. When we get a home and my router gets unpacked, I'll might make some new grips and stain them walnut colored or something like that.