Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Big eventful month!

So, the last few weeks have been busy busy busy around here! Here's a quick recap:

-Calvin started walking
-We took a trip to Utah
-Calvin turned 1!
-I officially graduated
-Michael accepted a job offer (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
-We started house hunting!

It has been crazy busy, but we've been having a good time, as usual. So, just before our trip out to Utah, Calvin started actually walking a few steps at a time. His record so far is probably just like 10 steps, so he's not cruising everywhere, but he gets so excited when we all clap for him that he just about explodes with smiles and laughs.

We left for Utah on the 21st and I spent a nice 8 days there with the boys. Michael came out with us for a few days and then he and James drove our moving truck across the country--SO MUCH FUN, (right Michael?)! We had so much fun with my parents and seeing old friends. My dad introduced Calvin to his very first girl scout cookie. He went absolutely crazy. It was hillarious. We love and miss you guys!

On the 22nd, Calvin turned 1. I can't believe he's so big already. He's still more of a baby than Ryan was at this age, which is really nice. He's still our cuddly little guy. I have some great pictures of him with his cake, but they will have to wait, since I haven't taken them off my camera yet.

On the 24th and 25th I had commencement at BYU for my MBA. It was so much fun to see my old friends and have an official goodbye. I loved doing the program. I already miss it a lot.

Our biggest news--Michael accepted a job offer! Hooray for Michael! We're really excited about it and we're looking at houses now in the twin cities area, so we're very happy about it all. We will keep you all updated!

And now, for the funny Ryan stories.

So, I'm pretty sure that in Ryan's mind, pirates, alligators and Lamanites are the root of all evil. Every time we tell Ryan that something is naughty, he tries to make sense of it by saying that either pirates, alligators or Lamanites do that, too. Today he got a new harmonica with some birthday money, and Michael explained to him that we don't eat food and play the harmonica at the same time because then food would get stuck in the harmonica. Ryan immediately said "Yeah, like, Lamanites like to eat food and play harmonicas at the same time." The other day he came up with some crazy story that went a little something like this "So, yesterday, while I was sleeping, some pirates came and fought me out of bed. Then they put me in a box and left me in the road." After I asked him what happened next, he continued, "Then I got out of the box and the pirates took me home and helped me get back into bed." When I ask him to buckle his seat belt and not wiggle his arms out so he'll be safe, he says, "Pirates like to ride in the car without their seatbelts." And almost every time I ask him to hurry and finish his lunch, he says "Oh, so the alligators won't eat it?"

And now, for some pictures!

Our family at my graduation:

Me and my good friend Kristen (who got her MACc) in our hoods!

Me after my little jaunt across the stage:

Me getting my diploma:

Me and my Grandpa Balcom:


Ben and Anna Bigelow said...

YAYAY!! That is so very exciting that you are done!

Amber said...

I gotta say, just getting to wear the cool hood is almost enough to make me want to get my masters too. It looks oh so nice. Congrats, I still can't believe that you went back to school when you already had one baby and had a second baby all at the same time! You rock. And now you never have to do it again :)
Yay for a job!!! Yay for househunting!!! That's so exciting!!! We can't wait to hear more. And someday when we take our trip to the lovely midwest, we'll have to come see it.
And, I can't believe Calvin is 1! That is insane. I can't believe you ate Gualberto's when you were having contractions every few minutes. You'd be proud--we played the wii the other day with some friends (theirs, I won't let Dan get one), and my mariokart skills were much improved. I was amazed.
On another random note (I should have just emailed you), I used the last of that strawberry jam we made back in 07 this week. If only I could go mooch off your parents' crazy big strawberry patch again--that was awesome!

AnnaMarie Ferrell said...

Awesome, Caroline! You're the best! And hilarious stories about Ryan. I LOVE that he says it about those three things...

Jana said...

Congratulations! That must feel amazing!

megan said...

Congrats, Caroline! I can't believe you did that with your little kids. Seriously, great job. Sorry we missed seeing you guys. Hope the house hunting goes well!

Caity said...

Congratulations! I am so behind on blogs!