Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sometimes I yell at Ryan

Ryan was so grumpy with the popping of a balloon he had been playing with that he ended up in bed on a timeout.

After a little while I went up to lay by him and see how he was doing. After talking about why balloons pop, he eventually said, "Dad, a while ago, you yelled at me."

I didn't remember yelling at him, so I asked "When did I yell at you?".

Ryan : "A while ago"
Me : "When? Today?"
Ryan : "No, a while ago"
Me, trying to figure out when he was talking about : "Ok, what did yell at you about? What were you doing?"
Ryan, still with his sad voice : "I was on the sidewalk with mommy."
Me : "Oh, what did I yell."
Ryan : "You yelled 'BYE RYAN!'"


Rachel C. said...

That is too cute! Was he trying for more sympathy?

Michael said...

I don't know what he was going for...I've pretty much given up on trying to figure out what that kid is thinking :-)

Bart said...

Very nice. Next thing you know he'll cry out at the grocery store, "Please, Daddy, don't beat me anymore," in reference to Checkers, of course.

Caroline said...

He already almost does that, Bart. When he's lagging behind, one of us will say "Go catch up to mommy". He'll run towards Caroline yelling "Hurry, Mommy is beating us!"

megan said...

So funny. I am glad though, that the yelling "bye" "or "hurry, mommy is beating me." is all he can claim about you. I am afraid that Jack can really claim I yell at him sometimes. I never beat him though. And though we've never tried checkers, he always beats me at Chutes and Ladders and Sorry. I guess there's a benefit to that!

Steve and Brittany said...

Hey you guys! We miss hearing his funny comments all the time. What a fun kid. Did you guys move to Michigan then? Hope everything is going well for your family!